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The Wolves is now unbeatable

Getting some updates here =P

am started to get less time here =X
probably tired of the evening class? At June, Sir is going somewhere and may not able to make it for class. So the two class need to push to May. Now, I got Monday and Thursday for it. =X

After today class then will have 2 more class before goes for exam. man... its fast!
and my assigment..... =X
Gosh! XD haha

Gonna gear up more time for it ady.

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Yesterday night went for a movie with seniors for Wolverine.
Funny man XD I dono that wolves is make in meteorite material one until I watch that, hahah! XD and the bone claw so geng, keke

the movie is ok ok also. Can go for a watch lar. Just try not to expect too much XD

the Origin of X-Men: Wolverine

and the... Slightly not that origin =X

Movie details here.

Trailer at here

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And also my dept Assistant Manager share this article to me =P

I admit, the way they name it is nothing wrong. But the culture in Malaysia feels something wrong. XD wakaka

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Oh ya, the site now have main page ady.
But I still playing with wordpress for the blog there. Think start june can blog there lar. XD
So now if for sneak peak only =P

Have a nice dat to all XD



  1. let us know when is ready cheers

  2. Ck: yup, i will post up the big link when it ready XD

    Richard: U can get your moo moo .net also XD haha


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