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Day out for a Push!

Oops, there being few days, didnt up to update here. Then update abit and show some of my funny colleagues photo XD

Sat after work, the 4 of us, Chris, Jin Wee, Janus, and Marccus, goes to QB for a movie outing. Is 5 of us the newbie gang one, just Sharon she suddenly sick so can't join together.

Originally was wanted to watch Angels and Demons one, but the tickets sold off since Thurs!!
Damn fast response. So no choice, Jin Wee go and book for the movie named "Push", which I have no idea about it at all XD

But the movie was ok and funny XD, hahah. With all the super-physchic power that "WoW"~
Here I write down what they have in the movie.

1. Watcher - The one can foreseen what will happen in future one.
2. Push - The one they can dilate their pupil until the very maximum and whole eye ball become black one. Then they can send/transmit their message into the person they are looking and taking control of them.
3. Mover - The one can move things without touching them one. Even can have shielding effect =X
4. Sniffer - The one behave like dog one. Sniff everything. Then can trace back the history after they sniff. =X
5. Shadow- The one can shade and prevent other psyco power people to detect them one.
6. Stitch - The one touch the person then can heal or damage the person body tissue one. I think stitch is good in biotech XD
7. Bleeder - The one can scream like no body else, then produce super power frequency to damage things in surrounding . XD (I really laugh out when they put their power into action. XD hahah. After you watch it then you know what I mean.)
8. Wiper - The one can erase a person memory one when he/she use their hand to touch the person's head.
9. Shifter - The one can change things using their hand. Just a flip of fingers, papers become money XD wakakak

The story let me feels like in gaming world. But is nice have watch it, hahah.
I think there will be Push 2 coming out? XD

See the movie details here.

and trailer here.

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Then before we go for the movie, we went for.... McValue Lunch! hahah
Since the promotion still there, then go cheap burger to hamtam.

Then the two funny guys Jin Wee and Chris. And when you really listen to their conversation, really can make you laugh till your ass on your head back to bottom position XD
It's because everytime Jin Wee talk funny things out of no where, Chris will then reply him with a very serious tone. XD I really can't tahan that kind of situation, lmaomh (laugh my ass off my head).. XD The miscommunication between them really bring the jokes all around, hahah

While they both enjoying discovering Jin Wee's HTC, Janus was happily chewing her French Fries and watch over their conversation. XD

After that we, went for the funny movie which rated 18++

Then after the movie, we went for Old Town for some healing of stomach before went back XD
Staying quite some time at QB, all tired for the day actually.

Perhaps, I think in future we will come out more often for some outing, since 5 of us were quite sien always at weekend. XD

And the last,

Do you see the Two White Snake drink in the menu??
Hahaha XD



  1. eat so many...fat ar?hahaha...wat movie lai dE?

  2. Ck: haha, just for some fun after work XD

    Chloe miao: I not scare fat one~ wakaka XD the movie u go find n watch also lar. I think u will laugh also one, hahah XD

  3. So fast you guys started to hang out together... feel like something will happen soon keke

  4. Richard: Ya, Richard XD Watch it in cinema can have the effect better XD haha

    Bubblesugar: wakaka XD, I know wat you mean, hahah


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