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My Driving Licence arrived.

As I've online renew'ed my Driving License on Sunday (Click here to show how to do it), today, which is 2 days after that, I've received the post for the new driving license. =)

The envelope

Hmm.. No special gift inside =X

The other envelope with the new license

Ta daa~~ Here it is

So, how you feel about this service?
Better than que up long long in post office huh?

Ok lar, hand clap for this service lar, Haha



  1. excellent. I always encourage people to do their thing online like pay bill, request for free sample, etc etc etc

  2. hmm~.. i started to like malaysia.

  3. wow.good..come on, it's time to fetch chick(s) d...

  4. Ms Ooi: Haha, Thanks XD. ya, it is convenient for using online transaction. Just sometime people dono where to click for the procedure.

    Richard: There is a light of hope =X Shine Shining~ XD

    CK: Haha, ya, lots of Chicks (McChicken), and Hot chicks (McChick Spicy Deluxe) too. wakaka XD

  5. wow can post one hi tech i thought need to go take yoursellf de

  6. Chloe Miao: haha. they got charge for that ady ma. can choose either u wan collect urself of ask them post. post more easy lar XD

  7. Yes MYEG offers good service! Congratulation to Malaysian Govt.


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