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Renew Driving License Online using Myeg Service

There is one night last week, little marccus was stopped by police ko ko in a lorong to check the IC and License. Lucky they are genuine one, if not little marccus will probably lost his virginity =X

At that moment, the one checking my Driving license one tell me "Jaga ar, mahu sampai dah."
He was actually saying the Driving license is nearly expired. =X
Then only I realise, OmG, the expired date is on 13 May 2009. Just left few days only...

Lucky being checked by them, if not I surely forget about go renew my licence. XD
Since the date is near, and I don't have time to go post office to wait for the long que for renewal.
I then go for online renewal in MyEg, which I did the same thing last year as well. XD
I believe most of you have not did this before, may be cause of the not so trust the security transaction, and how to get the license. It cost me in a total MYR 38.00 for One Year renewal.

So here I show how it done. =)
(Please make your web browser to unblock pop-out window for a moment. The process will require two windows to pop-out.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Go to to go to Myeg main page. And click for the Driving License Renewal at the top right side under Shortcuts category. You may browse inside the mainpage for what you can do in there.

Click to enlarge

2. Once you go in, you can then fill in the details there. You can choose the collection method (whethere want them to post to you or not) and Payment method (Credit card or FPX). So I am using Public Bank e-Banking Transaction, So I choose FPX.
Click submit after complete your process.

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3. It will then lead you for a check-out page and show you to sum you need to pay. Check your details. If nothing goes wrong then click submit.

Click to enlarge

4. After that, it is time for you to choose your payment method. I know it is very stupid, as at the first form already ask you to choose your method. XD Nevermind, give them some time to be smarter. Wakaka. So, again, I use e-Banking, then I choose FPX.
on it, softly.

Click to enlarge

5. It will then show you the total transaction amount. If you havn't make your browser to allow pop-out window, there will be message showing out. Cause at this moment there will be a window desperately coming out. =X
Click on submit for payment when ready.

Click to enlarge

6. This window will let you choose what bank you are gonna make your payment. and make sure the URL is showing https, and not http only, for security. So now choose your bank, and click the term & condition box, then Click Proceed.

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Arr... this window will then ask you not to closed it. So.. left it there lar.
Actually at the same moment, your bank login page will pop-out. Go look for it.

Click to enlarge

8. And here is the login page for Public Bank. Again, before login, Check for https in URL. If it show http, Do NOT log in.

Click to enlarge

9. For public bank, once you login, it will let you request for PAC instanly.
Click for that. And make sure your phone is turned on, and can receive the PAC number. =X

Click to enlarge

10. Once request, click Next.

Click to enlarge

11. and finally reach the place for you to enter the PAC number and select your Account that got money one. After complete, click Submit.

Click to enlarge

12. Once you submit, your MYR 38.00 will debit from your account. Don't cry for this ok? Let's gambateh and earn more money. Hee hoo hee hoo!!
Here, you click Ok, and Print a copy for your record, or just copy down the reference number will do.

Click to enlarge

13. Back to the page just now as you not to close one, It will then show you the successful transaction. You can Close or Print. Is better for you to print a copy lar. XD

Click to enlarge

14. Also, the Myeg page will have another record.
Just print it down will do. And you are done!
As you can see at the bottom of this page, if the license have not reach you in two days, can call and sing some song to them. =)

Click to enlarge

So this is the complete process for online driving license renewal. It may be hard and may be easy. XD

And remember to Clear your Cache for your browser!!
and also turn on back your pop-out blocker.

For a lazy person like me, the RM 8.00 extra is worth for let me spend my time in Post office and drive to there. XD



  1. ya, rm8 better than waste for petrol and parking

  2. haha CK, true also hor, our time is more valuable, wakaka XD

  3. this is more convenient, i can say.

  4. Richard, haha XD in future ppl can stick on chair surf internet more often ady XD

  5. em. Cklim could view it.

    it's a youtube there. weird. how come urs fail to view. i check.

  6. yup, i can see the youtube.

  7. Richard, I can see the video ady. you rocks! XD

  8. i renew insurance and roadtax with MYEG.. No hustle bustle.. It was super fast!

  9. Hiya, i wold like to ask some question bout the online renewal. im currently in UK. so can i still use this service? and do i need to provide photo for the new licence? and are they gonna delivery my new license card to my home or just the receipt that telling me i hv to go collect in post office. Thank you. =)


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