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Happy Lao Bo (老母) Day at Tsuruya Sushi Bar in Penang Time Square

Today was actually Wesak Day, which is 9th of May 2009 stated in Calendar.
The next day is Mother's Day, or can say in Hokkien, Lao Bo Day XD

Then sister said tonight will bring her mum and my mum to have dinner in Penang Time Square as a celebration for Lao Bo Day. She already book a place in a restaurant there a day before. I was just be a driver to fetch those lao yi go there.

Penang Time Squre, for you all information, even it open for people to go inside, there are still some places are under construction/renovation. The Car park at 4th floor and above, you need to spin your car up there. The path going to the Car park are weird-ly design/built actually. =X But what is good is, there are indication of empty parking lot before you entering the entrance.

After parking, the lao yi keep say, walao eh, spin until Hin lo. =X
Then we also need to walk down two level of the escalator as they are not in service. Lao yi complain again XD Actually don't care them one. I'm a bad boy, hahah.

You can see, inside time square still very empty.
And the height on each floor can significantly see is not that high. =X
But is pretty isn't it? hehe
Hope more shops opening soon.

On the ground floor, there got one Big Walstreet Bull, colourfully painted, gorgeously posed for us to snap photo with him (I think is a male one, hav't snap his Kuku for verification =X)

Outside there, have a big space for people to running around with kids, sit down to relax. I believe in future there will be lots of activity gonna be organized here.

So, here it is, the restaurant we gonna dine in. It's called Tsuruya sushi bar. Is a Japanese restaurant. ya, i know. it being written there XD

When you step in, there is a big buddha rock face cracked and exposed some golden line to welcome you. Originally and normally, he don't speak. If you hear or see he speak and welcome you. Please let me know before you run away ok? XD

And there is another white buddha, sitting next to the stair case.
Also, he don't speak and move. =X

Food served there are nice XD
Everyone eating and chit-chating alots.
Sorry about the photo of the food taken are blurred. So did not posted up.
Was busy hamtam food that time XD

The restaurant is not that big spaced. I believe the rental there is in extreme manner.
But even it is small, they still put effort in designing it =)

After our stomach all fulled up, we then go out and have some sit for wind blowing and digestion. The atmosphere is really relaxing and cooling. The space is wide, got some water show there. Who ever stress up, can go there have a sit. XD

Some more if there is a Full Moon like today. May added the scenery value point.

We all were sitting there for a moment of time, let the two devils' energy to be depleted, before we going back. Taking some photo for lao yi-lao yi and the two devils.

i'm dying~~

Gotcha! I'm Black Rossa

Then we went back home for rest. All the lao yi lao yi can relax and feel good~~
Good, hahah XD

So how you all celebrating Mother's? Day?
Basically, mine one always is going out for some dining. =P
Just to have some family gathering lar, hahah

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And today, I found that the visitors to marccus blog increasing in a sudden matter.
It is strange. After I checked out, and I found this........


I can see that McMarccus face very clearly lo... Lame max lar. hahah XD
by the way, who ever want to join this funny McValue contest, can always go to this website.

So, have you McValue Lunch-ed today? hahah XD

P/S: I found out that, Tziaaa @ Cherlin is a Hot Babe.... =X



  1. wow, another nice place to pator in are great, become a famous figure d...haha...:-p

  2. haha, Ck, true, nice place for couple.
    But no gf no use.
    just can go there walk walk blow wind XD

  3. the two devils so cute, are they urs?? jk, hahaha
    ur cousin eh?
    oh...luckily din go PG timesquare have a look, last trip plan wanna go one, but no time.

  4. Joanne: Haha, that two are my sister's one lar XD They are smart and talktative and active and cute max, hahah. The time square you still need to wait for some time before go shopping there.

    Cherlin @ Tzia: Omg omg **Blush** >.<
    you've come here. Thanks for dropped by **Blush**

  5. lol`, getting famous already ..

  6. Richard, Haha! XD that burger face ar... dono should laugh or cry...

  7. moderate blog,but need to b more informative

  8. It is a good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive.



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