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[updated photos] First time Canoe in PKSA, Penang

Canoe or also known as Kayak, is a kind of human powered small boat.
Marccus have never sit on that kind of thing until yesterday, being invited by Roddick to have some fun canoeing a long the Penang seaside.

It was fun, haha XD
Even Marccus do not know how to swim, but there is life-jacket to safe guide that little body.

This water activity is located North Penang, at Penang Waters Sports Recreation Centre @ Pusat Kegiatan Sukan Air Tanjung Bunga (PKSA), just opposite the entrance to MarVista. [map]

There are about 10 of us, and cost us each person RM 10.00, for one hour of canoeing.
The boat are free to choose, life-jacket do not have addition charges.
So it is quite an healthy and affordable activity I can said. XD

Anyone who interest may call and ask for details to Penang Canoe Association at 04-8909373.

Here are some photos to share with. Paiseh, only have photo before canoeing and not while canoeing. =X Cause the camera is not water proof. XD

>>> arrived at destination~

>>> Those canoe are enjoying sunbath~

>>> Everyone sitting and covering skin with Sun Lotion.

>>> Here is the storge area for Canoe. Named "Boat House". You can choose your favorite colour one.

>>> The sea that we gonna make some splashing on it XD

>>> Seaside at Tanjung Bunga~~

>>> The precaution Board to remind users of safety on the Sea~ Read it before go in.

>>> The house of Boat.

>>> Here is the life-jacket sunbath area. These yellow thing is the one gonna safe-guard little Marccus life.

After we have enough time for the Canoe and landed and rest awhile on the beach, one of us spotted a dead big Jelly Fish!
and really it is so Jeellllyy~~~ XD
Paiseh again no picture of it, cause camera locked in locker. But Ah Sing got snap the photo of it. Will ask her to transfer to me and update here again.

After this water sport, most of us are madly hungry. We then drive to nearby Malay Pasar Malam to hunt for Food.

>>> All guai guai taking cross-over. XD

>>> See this, Coconut Shake! and it is tasty!! XD

Here is another weekend for Marccus, and now some of the body part started to ache. haha XD

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And here is the picture I get from Ah Sing.

Here is the picture of the founder of the Jelly Jelly.

Jelly Jelly say Hi hi~~

Seems like there is little problems here. XD

Marccus is trying hard to get into the Sea. XD

At the same time,
the founder buried the Jelly Jelly, wakaka.
Kesian nia...



  1. nice outdoor activity :-)

  2. haha XD splashing water all over XD

  3. wen ni, when you come to penang can meet us and go play XD

  4. i also went for kayaking last saturday.. treasure hunt at tasik putrajaya..

  5. Haven't done this in awhile. I miss it. It's fun to just go out in a canoe and drift for a bit.

  6. Shifa: Thanks for dropping by. Kayaking is a nice experience isn't it? XD

    whoaamello: Haha, ya, especially when you get splashed by sea water XD

  7. i never kayak before la`...

    perhaps one day. =(

  8. Richard: you can plan for one =)

  9. Nice as i look at it for few months ago for this activity. Have to find out the place 1st before i plan to go. ^^


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