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May have arrived. It's McValue Lunch Month!! XD

So, >> MAY <<  it have come silently with rain and sunshine~
Labour day have passed as well. 

And I'm gonna start my job in Exabytes and class in Olympia on 4th May and 7th May respectively. 

So from now on, who interest to get a web hosting service, please find me ok? haha XD
Or who ever interested to work there also can visit their page [link].

Besides, these two exciting moment, in May, it also have another exciting contest. 

That is....

wakaka XD
so I'm gonna eat eat eat Burgers.......... Burg, Burg, Burg, Burger yea~ (sing with Lady gaga- poker face)

Bloggers around~ The prize is attracting. they're giving away the iPhone 8GB from Maxis!!
Contest start 27 April until 31 May
There are 28 burgers to fill your stomach for lunch until the end of contest. hahah XD

If I eat McValue Lunch burgers 31day/1month/every lunch. 
I'm sure I'm gonna have my burger face come out in early of June

Yea, No joke. 
Burg, Burg, Burg, Burger Face~ (again, singing with Lady gaga Poker Face)

Or perhaps, you may find the new launch McMarccus in May? =X

Anyway the real stuff are as below XD  Cheap gao gao isn't it? 



  1. cool..look fwd to reading your new post

  2. haha, CK, wait me update more XD

  3. walao...if wanna participate...then...i'll become fat as well..duh!!

  4. Haha, dun worry, for the chance to get iPhone~~~
    Fat also worth ma, XD wakaka

  5. Ok, Sir.. =X
    Having here or Take away?

  6. Ok, Ma'am.. =X
    Large or Medium?
    Any addon?


  7. lol
    dun want da new mcmarccus

  8. wow cool! all the best! =D

  9. Joegrimjow: Haha XD Have a try, wakaka.

    Kenwooi: Thanks for dropping by! XD

  10. haha. u put yr face as a meat! haha! all the best! btw joining too..hehe.

  11. Sean Lon: Haha, let's have fun together XD


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