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First day in Exabytes.

Today, was my first working day in Exabytes. Work as Business Development Executive.
and guest what?

I do Enjoy it!!
XD hahaha

But what is teruk was I'm kinda late for few minutes for first day working!!! =X
Cause the road I usually take to go to Suntech, at this morning kena block by Uncle Police, due to heavy traffic. I have to Merry Goes Around in Bayan Lepas to re-route back to Suntech.. Where the time suppose to be early one, then become late abit. Aiks... Tomorrow I'm not gonna use that route liao =X

Besides, little marccus, there are also two handsome guys and two sweet girls being hired. Who is Jin Wee (he is same interview section with me one XD, and same also as Business Development Executive), Chris (in RnD), Sharon (in Customer Service), and Janus (in Technical Support). Five of us were go thru two sections of training today by Ms. Ooi and Ms. Avian. There is another new girl also, but forget her name, was not joining for the training with us. May be she have gone thru training ady =X

The two training conducted were to let us know company background, basic knowledge of web host service, domain name, and DNS working. Do really enjoy as I'm interested in IT much much XD

and Guess what??
When the second training. Each of us was giving a free domain name!!! Wakaka XD
May be we are part of the company and may be the company want us to learn the web hosting more well, wakaka, so they let us have one.

I was then wanted to register for But, this domain was purchased by other people. After I check, it was purchased by The was just want to ping point back to their page.. Aih... Nvm then. I just have to choose another. So, I get...

wakakak XD
So, now I have my own site!! hehe.
and do remember, is not this little marccus. It was a company in France run by someone else.. =X
For the moment, it is empty inside the =X

It just like I get a address for a house, then the land is nothing but empty only.
Just like the Penang Science Park....

Tomorrow probably will get another training about hosting. Will update on that later.
Hopefully, gonna add something to, hahah XD

P/S: I saw a Nintendo Wii (paiseh, was though it from Sony at first =X).. inside the company...



  1. Haha XD
    Richard, if u wan to get for ur blog can find me. haha XD

  2. haha, cool...inform us when your new site is ready..Nvm, one day when i become tun, i will set a


  3. hahah, ok, CK. we all waiting for u to become Tun also, XD

  4. wow, sounds great when u interested in something and u r working on it. how envy...

  5. u mai envy, u also work with ur interest ma, slow slow XD
    but really happy to get learn so much things, haha,
    must geared up myself for the war after training, wakaka

  6. Woah getting your own site eh ^^
    good for you..

  7. Haha, Miao. the site still not ready yet XD


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