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It's Training Weeks~ =)

There already come to Third day I'm in Exabytes.
So far, have go thru series of training and really learned alot of things.
Lots of packages information, and controls for website. Where I do love them very much!
haha XD

Even there are about three training in a day. The moment I hardly concentrate is only when after lunch session. XD wakaka

So far, still got various training to go thru before able to start master the Web Hosting abit. Awaits for the coming training! XD

What am I doing now? while updating blog, also chatting in adium, watching anime Shadow Skill (that i love to watch many many many times ^^), and tried to phone calling with Chong Siang (he just now call me but was waiting sms for making transaction for ebay =X).
haha XD I like multi-tasking. keke

see the snap shot

Okie, just a small updates.
Gonna out to help my sis and kath for the PC hardware problems troubleshooting.
Have a nice evening to all =)

Here I wanna share with you all one very funny blog. Where I laugh until rolling on floor hit the wall up and down. wakaka XD

It was in Chinese. Enjoy!!



  1. wow..enjoy ur new career..cheers

  2. Ck: We both Cheers together =)

    Richard: ya.. XD you too ya.

  3. the new job really really suits u, u got too much energy and if u are not multitasking, most of the computers will be over-clicked and spoiled by u!

  4. wow! Welcome to Exabytes + Makyipo's blog too! Enjoy~ Thanks for supporting Makyipo.

  5. Sarita: haha. you scare of my over-clicking on your PC liao ar? XD wakaka

    我们是妈姨婆一族: wakaka, Thanks! I'm glad to be able to work in Exabytes XD

  6. Welcome to Exabytes again. :)
    Nice to know that youenjoy all the training.
    Thanks for visiting and your support to my blog as well.
    So, when do you plan to start your own new blog with own domain name, own WP installation, own configuration, own downoaded theme, etc.

  7. Haha XD Ms Ooi, Thanks for hiring me!
    I'm gonna switch to WP after the testing for the web hosting package is done. Found out that WP have many setting to play with.
    It's nice! XD


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