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Help to find Stolen MacBook.

The following message was directly get from Exabytes Blog.

It's miserable to lost the data in the laptop. May be anyone can help to spread these words. =X 

Hope to get the laptop back to owner.

Hard to believe? We know. We all feel his remorse, really. That is why, we are trying our best to do what we can to help him get back his MacBook as soon as possible.

It happened at night (April 28th 2009) at Hongkie Kopitiam @ E-Gate, Penang, at 10.02pm to be exact – where someone from behind snatched the MacBook bag which he put on the floor right next to him, without him noticing, since he was chatting with his friend then. When he did eventually realize that his MacBook was missing, he sought for help and saw the whole incident via CCTV.

Truth to be told, the loss of the machine doesn’t bother him as much, really. What bothers him the most is the loss of the data in his MacBook. It’s terrible, and heartbreaking.

That is why we want to see if we can leverage the power of the Internet to help him. Please pass this entry link on, and if you’re a blogger, please lend a helping hand and post this announcement on your blog! If you are a reader in Penang, all the more reason for you to keep your eyes out! And in case any one of you see this being listed in eBay, you know what to do!

The relevant information is as follows: white Apple MacBook, laptop Part No. MB061ZP/A and Serial No. W8730S60YA2. If there is any info leading to the missing MacBook, please contact The owner is also offering a RM3000 reward if the laptop is returned in a good condition.

Let’s show how powerful the Internet is and let’s all learn from this very unfortunate occurrence. Please don’t leave your personal belongings unsupervised anywhere, anytime!


  1. ask the owner buy a new one lor..impossible will return back ler...

  2. hey, visiting from Innit :)

    i clicked here cus MY BF's MACBOOK PRO GOT STOLEN TOO -.-

    in the lib...

    there's hardly anyway u can get it back i think. the police can't help much...

  3. Rumtum Chloe: yalo, is hard to get back actually. but just hope ba =X

    Shu Fen: Thanks for visit =) Ya, it's hardly get back, just hope only =X it's bad to get the data and documents in the laptop lost together. Those are probably more valuable than the laptop it self. =X


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