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NewsGator's NetNewsWire: very nice mac rss reader

Do anyone of you using RSS feed to read news and blog?

Some of my friend like CK, using google reader.
Google read is an online based RSS feeder, which I also using last time.

But after feeling lazy to sign-in everytime, I continue to use the Safari feed, as I getting more time to use my little white recently.

I like to read news and blog updates from friends. and grouping them.
So sometimes will get myself accumulated with lots of unread items and messy also.
Then decided to find a standalone application to feed RSS so that I can no need open Safari all the time and let it accumulate caches.

and found this... tadaa~~

It was develop by News Gator. And NetNewsWire is the free RSS reader from them.
Since I install it and used for couple of days. I find start to love it, cause the simplicity of it. =)

In dock, it will automatic show the number of unread news/updates.
You can see it very clear =)

The layout of this application.
And the grouping is very easy and also make it look neat. =X
As you can see, left panel shows all the grouping, and right panel have split into two more row.
On top will be the title of unread news/updates.
Bottom will be the subtract of that particle news/updates selected.

And if you click on that news/updates, it will show a hidden panel on right where now bring you directly to the website! It's very convenient isn't it? It able to function as web browser also =)
And for blog, you also can post comment under the blog site you're reading. No different as the ordinary web browser.

NetNewsWire also able to refresh itself every 30minutes at least to download the news/updates from the link you subsribe into it.

In case you're urgent and want the news/updates come up faster, you can always right click and refresh manually. =)

It let you simultaneously download 1-10 site at the same time. Which is fast update!

So who ever use Mac and wanted to get a simple, functionable RSS reader to let you up to date for news you want, I can say NetNewsWire are not to be missed!

Or perhaps anyone of you if found a better one, do let me know also ^^

and for Window, Newsgator do have one for you all also. It's called Feed Demon (download)

Enjoy for being feed and updated all the time =)


  1. wow, 2 questions from me: 1) can i use in windows platform 2) if yes, then can i import my subcriptions from google reader ?

  2. hey CK, I just check the newsgator site, they do have a Window version =P
    called Feed Demon, also is free to download.
    you follow this link and see. =)

    I will add to the post later =P

  3. alright, thanks.had a look jz now..not bad

  4. eh why tak ada chat box de?

  5. rumtumcat above lol

  6. haha XD, rumtumcat. the chat box at the right side.
    or should i call u rymtym cat? XD


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