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Adding mini antenna into Maxis Huawei E220

If you are my blog reader for long time, you should know my un-rested hand have opened up and do something to the little E220 modem. keke. [Link here] and [Link here..]

While even I do those things, the line still unsatisfied to me, even after the soldering two wires into the heatsink where that time I was though the antenna, haha XD [Related post] The link actually improved then become slow again. =X

So being learned from the stupid act, I now know where the located. And the very recent, I plug off the two wires that soldered previously and restored the mini heatsink in. =X

Then I ordered one mini antenna for about 3.60 USD from ebay last few weeks ago. [Find this item here] and planning to put it on the golden round head in the modem. Tried to improve the signal, again =X hahaha

The item was reached in about two weeks time, which is today, in good packaging and good condition. Yeap, it passed the custom, else I can't get it, haha XD

Then my house ngam ngam blackout, I can't surf net or anything, before I went for interview at noon time, my hand start itching watching the envelope, so... I just have to cracked up the mini modem and snap the mini antenna in, haha XD

The envelope

This is how the head looks like.

Wow, Hitachi one ler~

Opened up
This is where the place I'm gonna put the head


And finally, I cover up the Maxis plate on top, it still look nice isn't it? Hahaha XD
I don't think I will return the modem to Maxis lar~ haha

Show how's the top speed get?
Actually, I have three method to connect to the line, either by the default application named, Mobile connect, or the third party freeware called CheetahWatch, or the Internet Connection dialer in mac. All of them are working quite well.

Mobile Connect

Internet Connect

After the mini antenna added, the line appeared to be more stable than before. But one thing that can't be avoid is, the signal will still dropped out of sudden. Where there is no solution to bite the signal =X

And also, for increase successful connection, I do found out that when connect the modem to the USB port, let it blink from Green to Dark Blue or stay Green for at least 30 seconds (cause sometimes it won't go Dark Blue when no WCDMA/HSDPA signal is detected), then only go press the connect button =X

So.. Folks out there, enjoy if you plan to do the same as me. XD


  1. Haha, such a small and smple thing will increase the signal ar! If it doen't need to attach to the inside of USB modem.
    I would try that too!

  2. Haha, is true but have to put the head inside there.

    If use the male head will be better =X
    The one I bought is female head.

  3. wow...marvelous..bravo to marccus

  4. haha, thanks ck

  5. is it stabile ?? i plan to apply a wireless broadband..previously i use izzi quite slow..but it wont dc lar..but now my contract end already.. so maxis good ?? my house area got no p1 coverage :(

  6. Oh Goodness Sake!!!

    Please do not follow his footsteps.He'd use weird methods to do things and at the end when the item just malfunction (like this office laptop), then he will disappear away..

    I'm a victim of his mischief!!!

  7. Chloe: err, I can say it should be the same with other broadband =X
    If you sign for higher speed one de package u can get higher speed, but the signal won't stay at high speed all the time, it like roller coaster, up down up down, sometime screamingly high, sometimes will drop out from the rail =X
    But personally I do saw the Digi package quite attractive, may be you can try 3G broadband, check whether they cover your location or not. hehe. >>

    Nicole yang Jahat: kekeke, *evil laugh* come come, i'm attracting more odd people, wakaka XD

  8. what kind connector is this?

  9. what s the name of that connector??????

    mail me

  10. Hi Jefferson and Wajiras,

    Is called mini antenna some how. I bought that from eBay, under the link below

    But not sure still available or not.
    Please bear in mind, do it on ur own risk ar XD haha

  11. this is wrong as the conector on the e220 is a female and the wi fi lead has also got a female conector i fail to see how this works 1 of the conector has to have the cetre pin ......this is an epic lol


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