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Penang Earth Hour 09

This year Earth Hour have alot of commercial support in Malaysia. Not only teenagers but uncle aunty also know about this event. So on that day, Me who stay in Penang Island eagerly to know how this event being put to work. And also want to know how united penangite are for the caring of earth and global warming. Then decided to go up Air Itam Dam to snap some photo about it. keke.

I depearture from my house at about 8pm like that. That time was raining, lucky still have a car for me to drive up the hill, wakaka XD

Sorry for the shakey picture, cause I was one hand snapping photo while driving and holding umbrella~

Reaching Kek Lok Si~

When I drive up to air itam dam, there's another car heading the same direction as mine.

When up the sloppy road, it's really pitch dark~

But when reach the Dam, I faster approach the guard and ask permission to enter the dam area, but the guard didn't allow me to do so, He say he scare snake kiss me and roll me away and left my shoes behind like cinderella. Gosh.... Then I have to go back down the road a little bit where there is an area able to observe down to penang island. Even the scene is not so good as from the dam area, no choice... Sorry for I'm not able to make a before and after comparison, cause when reach there at 8.33pm..

First snap, too dark.. X.X

Then I play with the white balance
and try to increase the brightness

As you can see, actually there is not much effect yet, for Earth hour in Penang. Only some major landmark unit off their light. But this is not the purpose lar~
Mean not much people understand and willing to give a hand for support and slowing down global warming. Hmm.. still need a long while for them.

When I was there, I saw there are some more people around as well. They also at there to see the effect of Earth Hour, haha XD

Some bring the whole family come down, and i do smell got some fried sotong there. Gosh! they picnic keh? wakaka XD

Then I come down from there after about 30 minutes standing and observe the bright land under the shade of umbrella.

You can see some shop still light up their signboard, when I passby them.
At that time is about 9pm.

And when I reach home, Funny to see my mum and little sister sit there watching TV and with light off, haha XD (cause I told them to do so).

So there's the end of Earth Hour 09.

I've taken two video where one is when I drive up to Air Itam Dam and one is when Looking around at the observation place. But cause my internet line is being limited by Maxis >.< !!! so its hard to upload them here. There is one being successfully upload in my facebook. Down here. enjoy!~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh ya, here I update the picture for the MPPP repair drainage infront of my house.
Finally until day 6, the process is finally complete, and I can now drive out from my house safely~

(click to enlarge it)

(click to enlarge it)


  1. haha, at last mission accomplisehd, but i think still a long way to go, to increase ppl awareness about global warming issue :-)

  2. haha XD, yalo, still need some year for them =X


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