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[Photo Updated] Letter to YB Lim for some help.

There are some years, that the drainage in front of my house was actually cracked open due to the over growth root of the big tree that previous grow there. My uncle who came back to Malaysia from Australia recently call up MPPP to come and repair it. Cause the water was hardly flow smoothly.

MPPP was response well this time and send some man over for repairing.
The thing is.. The process I predict will be a long long time.
Time may not be a problem, cause Malaysian have used to the slow-motion of the construction process all the while. But the thing is... -_-||| I hardly go out from my house ler...
You can see the photo below for the pictures until today (the second day)..

(Click for larger view)

(Click for larger view)

Then I think it should not be left like this.. and our beloved YB Lim come out in my mind. After a short thinks, then I decided to drop him a email for this matter. Hope he is able to speed up the repairing process.

Within 1 hour, his assistant Ng Wei Aik, replied me. Very efficient =)

So now, I shall wait for the Engineering Department for any further action.
Hope I won't drop into the Long Kang when drive my motor out.

Triple A.

Amen Amitobha Aleluya~

(Click for larger view)

(Click for larger view)


  1. Later on I will saw you on the Newspaper about this issue~! ;p

  2. Haha XD
    They no time for newspaper publication about this lar. wakaka XD

  3. Dear Marccus,

    Don't worry, YB is here. I ensure those rascal will be screwed up.

    YB Lim

    Note: YB= Yang Berusaha tekun

  4. Dear YB Lim (Yang Berusaha tekun),

    Thanks so much. But they still the same, doing work for few hours and back. I'm post up the coming two days photo again here.
    These people must deeply screwed up! =(


    Hahah XD

  5. YB Chua is here.

    I'm currently busy with my DVD so i dun have the time to look into ur long kang issue.

    Your application will take about 7 working days to proceed.

    It looks like me, sounds like me, but definitely not me~!

    Best regards,
    YB Chua

  6. Sorry YB Chua, I forget to update the post for the completion of the repairing..
    But Kamsia for your reply, wakaka XD

  7. oh, complete u no need to jump over the longkang d. haha

  8. haha XD, yalo, if not everytime need careful go out.


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