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First time QingMing Festival in Kulim.

Since I born until now, I havt go for QingMing for my father's site Grandpa, keke.
Cause he was buried in Kulim. Which believe last time my Grandma and Grandpa was working there as rubber collector.

So this time my mum ask me to bring my litter sister go there for the first time. We then go to Sungai Bakap about late 6am. Where my grandma staying now.

Then pick up my forth uncle and start journey to kulim there.

Just some picture snap there. My second uncle's wife told me not to touch anything, keke. Cause she said I'm Ox year and this year is Fan Tai Shui, mm Long lai wor~ keke
Good for me also. I senang there, haha XD

This is my grandpa graveyard.
Hello grandpa, how are you?
smile~ Ka Zak!~

Quite a number of people also

There are some tree in some place
to let people rest under it.

Still, some of the graveyard were
still waiting for their siblings~

Money and gift for grandpa

The after that its starting to get hot, and I lazy to snap photo ady. =P
We then went back to Island about noon time.

Then I take the opportunities to snap the photo of so called Penang Science Park.
I think it function similar as Umbrella Corp. An underground research laboratory.
Scare one day, there will have Zombies come out from there when some virus spread off, eww scary.
Alice, where are you? Waiting for you to come and save us. wakaka XD

Then don't Wed or Sat then go QingMing for my father again. Aih, wait those Lao Yi decide the date.. -_-|||

So hows you all de Qing Ming? =)


  1. My Ching Ming is like 4.30pm, then i kena sunburn now become orh orh (hitam)...

    Heard that its bad luck to snap pics in the cemetery. Ur relative doesnt seem to mind though.

    Its bad..... Really Bad.....

    best regards,
    DYMM Nicole

  2. wa, why you so late only go de? hot like siao lo~ haha XD

    Yalo, they also nvm there. Let me snap. Actually the photo snap liao let my grandma see one, keke. Cos she old liao cant go there for quite some time ady. =X

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  4. eh...u r kulim guy????? my great grandparent also 'stay' there....

  5. Haha, I'm not Kulim guy, me penang boy lai. hehe.
    oo, then good, next time i can say hi to your great grandparent when visit grandpa again, keke


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