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Think out of the box! Police uncle do understand the concept

Wakakaka, this so~~ creative.

one of the new headline in Kwong Hwa here.

慕沙:为有效防止女性遭攫夺 要求禁摩托车入市区 [link]

It mean something like this, i think ...
Musha: to prevent and protect girls from snap case, request to band motorcar to come into town area.

So, who is Mr. Musha? according the news is the National Police Chief in Malaysia.

Wakaka.. So, those normal civilian motocyclist, there is few solutions, i think..

1. Get your-self a new car. This can spontaneuosly boost the car industry, Not Bad! Viva will be your best choice i guest.

2. Use public transport. Putra LRT, Star LRT, Rapid KL, Metrobus, SJ bus, KTM, monorail, etc.

3. Get youself a bicycle. Its time to get your-self healthy also.

4. Quit your job. Yio Ka at home. Best~~

Wakakak, what marccus says?
Clear your mind~ Be creative~~

I think Mr. Musha was drunk that time. XD


  1. Quit your job. Yio Ka at home. Best~~
    This is what you are enjoying now ar~
    So good~~

  2. haha, no ar Tian Jie, now my head want to burst ady. If i post up my house and "office" let you see, dono you will surprised or not. wakaka. Headache.....

  3. ya, post your workplace and let us see, then we can gv u some suggstion, haha..but bout suggestion by musa, i was wondering how about those non-city criminal cases, now kpg has snatch cases as well

  4. The authority in Malaysia always have funny things to speak out de. We tend to make it joke of the day. Haha


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