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Digi Bonus Point Redemption got phone to grab! again.

Digi Have always got some good stuff for monthly redemption one. Good for Postpaid subsriber.

But this time is the same as last time back to October Bonus point Redemption.

They given Nokia E66 [Spec.] and Nokia 6600 Slide [Spec.] to choose.

Both are 66 sound one, Good for New Year as well. Give you Luck one ar. Haha.

Nokia E66 require 6000 B.Point, have 5 units.

Nokia 6600 Slide needs only 3000 B.Point, have 10 units.

But must act fast. Coz now already 2nd day I just realized it, wakaka.
Redemption date is within this month 19th Jan until 31th Jan.
Nicole, Fast!! wakaka

Fast fast Login to OCS and submit ya~
More info please visit Digi Website. [link]
Good Luck.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friends!~~ ^^


  1. Do you managed to get the redemption of phones? I have tried for close to 3yrs...every month..every hr...every minute checking for the release of Monthly Promo redemption icon...but still can't managed to get the redemption. FYI, there were one time...i was so lucky being the first very few second/minute where Digi posted monthly promo redemption, i quickly redeem it. But still failed to get the phone redemption. I many people out there is like me..despite being so many tries and still not able to succeed. Sometimes, it make me feel that the phone redemption is either not real or for Digi's friends and family only. I have requested so many times for transparencies on publishing the results. eg: Name...Time and Date of sucessful redemption. Even such basic info also can't what do you think? It is for public or for Friends of Family of Digi's staff?

  2. I also had the same feeling, it's only for Digi's friends and family.. I also tried for last few years and till now still cannot be the redeem. I believed a lot of Digi subscribers experienced the same, just the not border to speak out.

    I made a complaint on 1 of the games contest (Dec-2009) to consumer count, but at the end Digi apology for the mistake, gave me few hundreds of bonus point, that's it. I felt still like wasting my time to be digi subscriber and made the complaint.

    What to do? Well.. don't subscribe for Digi. Yeah!

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