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Company Annual Meeting and Dinner.

Friday morning, Four of us, me, Nicole, Ray, and Tracy, from Malaysia branch were despatch on going journey to Singapore for Annual Meeting and Annual Dinner the same. day.

We're getting up at 5am something or earlier, prepare and start the driving. This time is Tracy drive her MyVi. So, we guys were sit behind and rest only. Wakaka.

we have our first stop in the R&R, and I forget the name of the station. Taken some photo before i go to toilet. Then we have some breakfast there.

Ray was stunned by the tastiness of the food, perhaps...

After chew all our food, not to waste any time, we continue our journey. We try to reach Singapore office before 9am. You can see nicole hair fly and imagine how fast walking..

But still, near to 10 we only arrive at custom. Gone for the registration, chop, clearance process as usual.. And you can see. If you bring drug, you DIE!! So you betta swallow all first before go for checking.

Then Finally we reach Singapore Office, and waiting for Boss for small group meeting and discussion.

Here is the little dragon I saw in the office. Looks like the Small Dragon in the cartoon Mulan.
He say "Give you Gold lar, wan or not?"
I didn't answer him and go meeting as it prepared to start.

We all four discuss about the year happening for Malaysia office. And voice out any problems for solving and improvement. After that, is the "Ang Pow" giving section.
Halfway, we getting hungry and go for lunch.

Again, you can see from the picture, how hungry they are. Oh my~~~ I can't even catch up. wakaka

After we finish lunch, me and nicole go into the Boss room and continue for the "Ang Pow" section.
Then the Annual Meeting Start, at about 3pm. The company meeting was quite a formal cum casual type.

You can see everyone enjoying. Pity Mr. Gwee that still keep on working. he is actually sick at that moment.

Agatha was shocked when I voiced her name with camera pointing, haha. She is pregnant at that moment and going to give birth next month. Still come to work ler, walao! Salute her really.

Oops! Jackie Chan!! is in out Singapore office!!

No lar~~ he is Mr. Ng aka Alexan Ng. Our Managing Director or known as big boss.
So we all start each team's yearly performance and solutions for problems, and forecast.

here is Nicole presenting Malaysia sales performance.

The meeting was ended about 6PM, after sharing yearly activity slide.

This is the Big $ logo that you will see when step into the office.

All these are the certificates hold by Lee Hung Scientific.

Yeah!~~ the girls are so happy coz we are going for Dinner!~~

We Having our annual dinner at Holiday Inn. The food there is served as buffet style.

The girls are still enjoying the moment.

But the truth is they're Tired and Hungry. Wakakka XD

Me and Ray were enjoying really, wakakak

So these four were representing malaysia Lee Hung Scientific.
Tracy, Nicole, Ray, Marccus

you can see, the most right side one is so young. Omg~~ XD

The first dishes I grab.

Every one Enjoy their meal.

Snapped photo with Alphonso. He is new comer in Lee Hung Singapore.

Nicole snapped photo with the extreme crew in Singapore.
Nicole, Sharon, Mr. Gwee, Elaine, Mei Ying, and Sean

So fast we have already fulled up our stomach and go for chit chat.
Ray is enjoying icy moment.

Amos, our Division Manager for Scientific Dept come discuss with Tracy about sales. Tracy looks shocked. Dono why, wakaka

Nicole also wan to join their discussion, haha.

This is the art work founded in the hotel there.

We are all prepare for big group snap.

Snap 1.

Snap 2.

Then we move to a KTV and sing K~

It is so dark in there and I switch on the Infra-Red mode of my Canon camera.

OMG, really Infra-red mode ler! wakaka.
Actually I dono how this work lar. is not infra red mode one.

You can see how big inside there.
I can say this will be the biggest room I attend for Karaoke

Then Me, Tracy went to boss's house for rest, and Ray go to his GF house, Nicole go meet Ban Ban and Jian for next day Hoo-raying in Singapore. It's about 3-4am when everything go for rest... X.X

The next morning. We having breakfast first before start journey back to Malaysia. A rabbit, fat one, spotted in my boss house, wakaka.

After eat, Tracy, Ray, Ray's GF, and Me start back to Muar (Tracy and Ray house), at about 10AM.

Then reach Muar and have lunch about 1Pm. Ray then fetch me go bus station take bus back to Pudu at 3PM. After reach KL, I then take Metrobus back to Puchong and walk back to Wawasan garden where I put the car there. Then finaly!!! I get my foot rest and start the car engine
and start journey back to Penang. I able to meet Coco awhile (So Miss her!), as I go back old house take back my table. but the room still not vacant. Who want to rent a single room in Puchong then can Contact me!! Aiks, but coco so happy until pee abit on floor and kena cage back. Sad.. T.T

About 8PM, I start my journey back penang, have my dinner at Tapah R&R eating KFC alone, wakaka. Then reach Penang about 12AM.

Yeap, It's so damn bloody tired... X.X

While the next day. Sun. I meet Ah Liang and go for Gym at 9am. Have some heavy work out there where now my body is aches..... X.X
We go fun for bowling at penang Bowl at Penang Bowl with those muscle guys. They do play well in Bowling. some even get scored 220! haha.

At night, then go to Jusco with Family to grab some drinks for the coming CNY... Crazy~~ those people buy drinks no need use money one~~~....... ....

Ok~ that's all the pass three days.
I'm off and rest now~~ prepare for tommorrow work and go gym again tommorrow night for other part working out. =P

Good night~~~


  1. happening

  2. Haha, we will see Marccus hunk in the future

  3. Ck, its tiring actually. X.X

    Tian Jie, hunk need few years time ar. keke.

    haha, ya, miao, our boss love red color.


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