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His name is Duc Duyet ^^

As posted previously, I've join the World Vision Malaysia's Sponsor a Child program. and where I selected the choice "the place most needed" when in the "country" field that time. And waiting...

After about a week, they have send me the details for the sponsored child.
and today the post-man deliver the first letter to me. =)

Inside there have few items.

The Envelope.

Here is the Booklet.

Car stickies

A Manual
(wakaka, ya i know i'm beginner lar =P)

An Alternative Gift Catalogue

Inside the catalogue it got things for you choose that will send to them as gifts.
Here I only snap few pages.

Goat? Fish?


Academic support stuff

Water system

Then also have magnetic bookmark

Some news letter

Another registration card with detachable calendar

Some letter..

Okie, all those over are not so important lar, seems alot of things given.
Here is the one I looking for.
The picture of the child that I sponsored.
Look at him!
Super Duper Adorable!!! >.< ^^
"Halo~~ My name is Duc Duyet"
(Somebody help me translate into vietnamese word pls, hehe)

Cute or not?
Cute right?

He is from Ba Thuoc in Vietnam, which I also dont know where is the exact location.
From the map, is like somewhere near here.

I never travel into Vietnam before, but Yeng Yeng does. May be can ask her.

Duc Duyet, can I call you D.D. ?

His parent are both Farmer.
He have a sister in the family.
Currently study in Kindergarden.
He like Mathematics. (My maths is suck X.X)
He do help sweeping in house.
His health condition was reported as "satisfactory". I think is Ok de right?
He is 5 years old ++ going to be 6 this year. Similar as my naugthy niece, keke.
I'm thinking of what Birthday Gift to give him. Any idea?

The World Vision project on going was Ba Thuoc ADP.
Their problems are..
1. 68% of the villager is below poverty line.
2. The hunger is around there coz their crops produced not enough to support them.
3. There is lack of proper medical support, and less than 50% of house have proper toilet!!
4. High drop out in school.
5. Flashflood and landslide is happening there.

So World Vision is going to
1. improve the education standard there.
2. improve health condition especially children and women.

Not forget to mention, their Average annual income per capita is..
RM 440!!!

Oh Gosh, I'm such a so so soooo lucky boy..

Look at him again..
Waaaa.... So cute. wakaka.
I think this picture is taken in his kindergarden de, if not wrong.

May be can start learn some vietnamese word. If not shame to me dont know how to talk to him when got chance go meet him. Wakaka.

- - - - - -
Guys, if you afford, join me also. really de, i think RM 50 a month should be ok gua. One day save about 2 dollar will have extra liao. But myself also in financial crisis, wakaka.
Hope I able to sponsor him until he grow big enough ^^

DD, must guai guai there ya. Haha
Wish you can grow up healthy and become Leng Cai one day, and have a good future. ^^

P/s: I will post my house de picture up in next post as per request by ck. Hope u all dun shock. Coz it really like scavenger house. or perhaps more friendly word.. JunkYard.


  1. I think he is only 4 years old ;p

  2. haha, use google translator to figure out, anyway marccus you become ayam angkat d, another great task for you..

    anyway, i think a good idea is send a letter first, just to keep in touch, know more about him in person, then only gv present, i belive always a good idea not give "material" encouragement, in the first instance...

    perhaps you can ask advice from world vision

    dun worry, chad and me with help you clean up all the mess..hah

  3. Haha, Tian Jie, it got write he is born in 2002 de, hehe.

    CK, yalo hor, write a letter first. hmm, dono what to write yet, haha. They are farmer may be can send them some Seed. hehe. But.. not ayah angkat ma? T.T i become ayam angkat.

  4. stupid i am, i typed wrongly, sorry ya intention punya, haha..ayah angkat

  5. he is really cute ! have finally received it... It must be feeling very good helping other although it is not a huge amount..

    Will do it too ! ^^

  6. Ck, haha, scare me a jump.

    Jason, Share with us also after ur letter come ^^


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