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January 2009: The season of adaptation

This is really a very first time experience.

Where I dare to ask for change like this.

Being shifted to Penang to work. Work in Home, that suppose to be operation like office.
To let me operation my daily work, One laptop, One power source, One mouse, One printer, Few source catalogues, Few company catalgoues, Internet access ability, Name card, Pen, Canon Calculator, Water bottle..

That's all.

Search from the net or directory for the industry to be target and go for them.

Imagine.. While you need calling for clients or suppliers, the surround have the sound effects like..
1. Cooking oil bursting
2. Steel pan and plate hitting
3. Old lady(s) chatting
4. Baby running
5. Baby wanted to play with you
6. Baby wanted to learn how to use laptop
7. Baby singing and dancing
8. TV drama casting some "Hua Hi Tai" TV series (I think is Yi Nan Wang)
9. some sort as above...

I don't know how other manage these wonderful scene. May be dancing?

For me, I'm just quiet and try to wait for the quiet moment to get the time for calling and talking for work. For baby, I'm try to manage as not to come disturb, as they are very like me and stick to me.

How long I can work under such scene?
Well. Let's just start counting before I totally fall of myself and went into madness.

~ ~ ~

For the reason why I choose this path to come down Penang and stick to the same job, is because of the sudden death of my uncle and worry of my mum that think so much sad things. Yeah, my house/family is kinda load with sad things. But lucky is I was the one being protected. And Sadly into my heart is I'm totally useless boy. Is a great gift for me to able survive so far, I'm kinda appreaciate much, coz I learned much.

Deep thought.. Deep thought... to keep me calm.

What keep down somemore was probably the relationship that had had me goes into madness.
To the one that I love this life the first and the last. I've change the way of treating. My madness that raise by you, probably is not you purposely, but is already happens. May be you are not aware, may be it seems nothing. Madness once raise from me, is hardly to be clam down. This is why I don't like arguement and bad temper show-off in both party. Since then, complication raise and fall, raise and fall from deep-self. Being of two and more identity in self. Keep on manage it. Try to balance it. Just keep on try. Hope I don't lost the whole me.

Being planning to enjoy my whole life without sticks to any relations. There actually impossible. People says love come as it was. You can't avoid it. Sadly, Marccus view is not on these. Coz there is some waiting before the start. When it end, it never will be end. She is the first and be the last. Hmm.. Kinda complicate huh?

~ ~ ~

Nevermind nevermind.
may be it was my wish before i get born to have everythings like this, I don't wan an easy life.
must have keep enjoy in it. =)

yea, marccus also hot blood for experiments.
If the madness replace the ordinary...
I don't think that will happen yet, else I'll look like this.

So.. For those out there, try avoid chaos if don't want went to be mad.
But if you like chalenge, please feel free to ignore the above statement =)

"Chaos, will slowly drive into MADness"


  1. hi, so sad to hear these happenings. anyway, these will make you become a tougher guy..cheers

  2. Thanks CK. I need go gym to be become tougher guy ler, haha

  3. some exxercise to channel your stress, or easier way..sit in front of the laptop, and start blogging..haha

  4. hehe, later will bring yee kai together to go gym on sunday Morning.


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