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Hosital Checking again..

Yesterday My mum go to Hospital again. For checking.
ya, she feel un-feel, dizzy and nearly fainted.

Being there whole day since morning. and discuss discuss with family member then decide go back to the previous oncologist who diagnose for my mum's NPC, Dr. Kevin Hew.

my mum being some while checking for blood pressure and always to be higher than normal. Then Dr. Kevin asked the nurse to check the BP and show 180/100. yup, who ever know the range one will it is high. Dr. was kinda surprise and said BP was not well control.

Then after that for the dizziness, he asked for blood test, MRI scanning for head part, X-ray and ultrasound for abdominal part (coz my mum always thinking her stomach cause her dizzy as well). Dr Kevin is a good Dr. He did not ask for full body MRI scan as it will cost more than 2k, and may not so neccesary.

Its lucky that all the process can be done within morning time. But we have to pay full payment first before we can proceed. Ya, I believe this is very normal in all private hospital. And how much it cost? Total about RM 1,000++, more than 50% of my salary already. But this is lucky, is not me to pay yet. Coz my sister follow along, she used her credit card first. Really, she have being headache deal with all these since I start study in KL. But the charges is consider cheaper, cozt the MRI was charge under GH price, Bcoz of Dr. Kevin patient =) We go for lunch and get back there to wait for the result. Its another waiting that take time until nearly 3pm. Then the whole day was just like that for me and my sister.

After diagnose, Dr Kevin said it is ok coz the tumours doesn't appear again anywhere. But from the MRI result, there suspect some fluid to be captived inside the nasal bone cavity. It is believe that these fluid filled bone on the head part is culprit. Then he provide some medicine for my mum, like Sturgeon, Fluimucil to try dissolve the fluid and let them flow out. And the nurse check the BP again. It is still remain high. Dr then suggest a better BP control pill, the Amlodipine. After all these, he suggest after one -week see how is the result and get back to him. If the dizziness is still seriuos there, we may get back to him earlier.

-_-|| Next week I will be in KL for whole week., aih.. is my sis alone again to bring my mum there. Hope everything goes well.

The very troublesome matter is I dont know how to convince old lady in my house to eat.
Yes, is how to eat....

After my mum being recover from NPC, she still have think that may food can't be consume and is harmful. This why cause her to be lack of nutrients and some basic building block. I believe even whatever supplement also useless for her. Ya, we do bought her supplement but hardly get her to eat routinely.

Meat is her scariest food. Aiks, what I need to put in her daily meal? ? ?

Working it out working it out.....


  1. hope everything is fine soon..cheers.

  2. Thanks you so much CK =)


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