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It's 2009 now.

Finally, at least I'm clean (after bath, wakaka) and recover a bit from tired, and reach in Penang Home.

This 2009, I was celebrate with a lot of thing. First time so crowded. Why de?
Coz, the whole car is fully stuffed with all my things in Puchong house, that going to bring them together with little marccus to Penang Home.
They all included, 3 rack bookshelve (un-screwed and packed), wardrobe backbone steel, One big luggage fully filled with cloths, one medium luggage with little iBook G4 and power cord and some cloth to be wash, One small luggage with blanket, Three tongs with hair and body shampoo and a big dynamo inside, One foldable chair, One long mirror, One fan, One medium tupperwear box filled with sand, One big graduation teddy bear, One small graduation teddy near, two boxes filled with Cha-Pe-Lang things, Two stack of Company brochure, Five ring file, One medium-large aluminium box with demo instrument inside, and some more what I missed out? Forget liao. Wakaka

Yup, All in one proton Iswara which is the company car.
Drive all the way down from Puchong To Batu Lanchang, start 9pm.
with previous night 4 hours sleep (coz play stupid game X.X)

Wakaka, what can I say?

N i c e ~~~~

- - - - - - - - -

Many People say 2009 may be not a good year, but hor, little marccus may not think so.
Why again?
Coz, there is some "first-time" kinda things ady done.


First time drive long distance journey at mid-night
First time snap photo in car when he is still driving (in highway, at night, yeah~~~)
First time snap video in car also. (never die before one...)
First time celebrate New Year in car
First time holding a hot cup nescafe while speeding in highway
. . .

wakaka, see?

So the coming 12 months will be more happening then, should it be?

Here is some picture.

See the light, so jumpy~ wakaka, coz put camera on steering.

Even the speedometer jump out.

Opposite punya car light so annoying.... -_-

Oi, Speeding ar?

It's actually looks nice, doesn't it?

It is really dark there..

Follow speed limit one, you see? wakaka

Another car passed. Gen 2 this time.

This looks like I'm driving in Supersonic mode huh?
wakaka XD

This is the night view of the big quarry refinery in Perak.

The Tunnel heading to Taiping~

The Exit~

Finanlly, Penang Bridge

A big snail greed for welcome home.
It is Big really. See the little marccus finger there?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

And yet, 2008 had pass, good things happen, bad things happen, happy, sad, joy, worry, all happens, and all become the memory. But most of my memory won't stay long lar, wakaka.
Coz I always look forward, and kinda forget to look back.

Nevermind, in the coming 2009, I have my new aim.

Self-improvement aim:
1. Start build the things on my own interest =) and start the experiement I want
2. Be more touch to nature
3. Get more knowledge on electronics and bioscience
4. Get my hand revive in drawing
5. Make my Penang home more tidy
6. Plan finance and path to study MBA

Career aim:
1. Stabilise myself in Penang market
2. Get an office space
3. Improve on selling skills

Greedy aim:
1. Get an iPod Touch
2. Get own car (is actually want to return company car to KL)
3. Get a better Handphone
4. Plan for oversea country exploration (ever feel that travel alone is fun? ^^)

Hmm.. all this aim should be enough to make me busy for 12 months I think.

Ish, tired man... Go rest first.
Good night, and
Happy New Year~~~~~ ^^


  1. happy new year.. =)
    cheers and god bless <3

  2. Happy New year ^^..
    you did quite number of first time also hoh XD and they're all related to driving XD

  3. Wow...I am glad that you already have your aim while I am still planning for it.

    Anyway...Happy new year 2009 ! ^^

  4. Haha glad that u're safely home. So that's mean u'll work permanently in Penang lor? Get a iPod touch and tell u i believe what u have told me, this little gadget can really make me addicted. the fingertip just feel so good. =) hope you can achieve all your aims in this new year. Things can only be better for us LOL

  5. good plan, all the best in the brand new year

  6. Haha, new year in the car!! Geng!!

    All the best in Penang
    Hope to see you sometimes in Puchong, hehe!

  7. kiki: Thanks for visit here. Happy New Year ^^

    Miao: Happy New year!! ^^ Haha, ya, cos the first second of 2009 is still in car. XD

    Jason: This had being thinking for some while in December one. waiting for your plan to share out also ya. haha. Happy New Year!~~ ^^

    Wen Ni: Told u de~ keke. iPod Touch is irresistible. But if u can get an iPhone is more better. But... I just scare apple dono will make what improvement in the coming iPhone upgrade. Wakaka. Lets wish for get a unit in 2009 for ourself. ^^

    CK: All the best to your research also!~ Haha, it will be a nice and brand new year for you too.

    Tian Jie: Keke.. okie, when have back there will call u out de. Take care there ar. Happy New Year!!


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