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2008 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day~

First of all, Merry Christmas to all my friends and family.
This year the Christmas, I'll use my both legs quite a lot, wakaka.
Instead of Dancing, was actually Walking. hehe.

On the christmas day, I just went like this.
At the eve night, me, Tian Chad, Mun Mun, Yeng Yeng, Li Ern are having a night out to Sunway Pyramid, where here is nearer to Puchong and not so jam.

We have a lot of walking in Pyramid Shopping Mall and have our dinner there, in Subway.
Then we walk around outside the pyramid and review if there is any fun outside.
Yeng Yeng was actually quite interesting for the M.O.S. wakaka..
She is eagely wanted to go~~~
Then snapping photos all around the area.

Outside the charming Sunway Resort & Spa Hotel

We just pass-by it... >.<

We saw the group of deer of uncle Santa!!
they gonna distribute gifts!! ^^

Oops~ There is some "Technical Issue" for the
delay of the gift to be distributed out..

And we having a group photo.
Sorry deers, they have to jump above us~ keke

After the gathering, me and tian chad
go have a nice supper in SS2 with ah beh.

There actually some more photos, but I've tired today and just find some to upload here. More pictures is at here, "X'mas Event" =)

Okie, what makes me so tired is because after Christmas Eve, on the next day, me and Ah Beh have a lot more walking around KL~~ X.X

Actually was accompany that Beh to seek and buy his Nike Air Max and some Jean. But sadly he didn't get any at the end because some great offers one already sold out. So later only he go out and choose either Jeans or Shoes only to be bought for Chinese New Year new cloths.

We was like first eat brunch in USJ 2,
then go to KLCC, walk awhile, found no more special offers Nike Air Max,
then go to Plaza Mon't Kiara, walk awhile snap photos, see see one jean shop there, eat Mc D,
then go to Midvalley, but the bloody jam still there, until we can't even go into parking area,
then go to Pavillion, to see some cloths, and have nice touch with iPod Touch ^^,
then go to USJ Summit, wanted to watch Transporter 3, but not showing there, and have dinner there....

Lucky, he is the driver to drive all the places, wakakaka
Then finally, I get myself drive home. X.X

Here is some pictures.

very pretty Lotus little pool~
@ Plaza Mon't Kiara

Very nice and bright colour Koi
@ Plaza Mon't Kiara

The Ceiling in Pavillion,
which I feel its prettyly designed. =)

Good Night All~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!~~


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