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Old Mc Donald have a Chicken~ Ye ai ye ai yoo~~

Okie, This is just a funny post. About what ?

About the something I ate yesterday night with Ah Beh, wakaka.

Look what little marccus found.
A chicken meat that taste like Mc Donald one!

wTf?? Its from Old Town??

Is real man.. this is the nasi lemak ayam I ordered.
I swear this is not the chicken meat make from Old Town lo.. Also not KFC one!
Is Mc Donald I suspect! (because got one McDonald very nearby..)
Probably I think the business is too well good until chicken meat sold out, then they "borrow" some from nearby "Store". keke

Or perhaps Old Town and McD have Co-operate?? hmm
(By the way, this Old Town is located at Opposite Sunway pyramid.)

After having the meal, it really was like make me wanna sing...

"Old McDonald have a chicken~ Ye ai ye ai yooo~~~"

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And here~~
I introduce a new thing again.
Guess what?
Is a Charcoal Bread!

little marccus gonna eat you!

Seriously, this one is really as black as in that picture. And is a real bread. Can be eat using mouth. (although is black and look like got mold~~~)

hehe, I bought this from Olive Bread store that is at the shoplot area opposite the Puchong Tesco. Go have a nice try on it. But the taste is just like normal bread. XD

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To dearest all~~


  1. You should post a turkey !
    Merry Christmas ~! ^^

  2. XD wakaka, i dun have turkey picture~~ Merry Christmas!!


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