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Reviewing the newly renovate My Toast Restaurant, Puchong.

The pass Friday little marccus and Tian Chad go for dinner after work.
After some decision making session. Finally they decide a place to heal their stomach.

This place is called My Toast Restaurant (Previously named My Toast Kopitiam, I think they have level up liao)

Once go in, little marccus was attracted by those poem.
They seems so nice.
The interesting one is, those poem was paste inside the table, wow~

This one is called
"Hold the Beer, Ask the Moon"

Glass coated table with poem

They even have "moon" in their restaurant.

Not only one you know..
And they are nice! ^^

Being inspired, I also write one on Coffee~ wakaka..


清晨暖风留几时? 我令咖啡喝一杯.
现人早起不可得, 晨阳破晓不误时.
橘如Orange刚生熟, 朦胧雾水随之去.
望见晨阳渐升高, 宁知中午将暴热?
水牛经已牧田去, 草原忙碌有谁知?
今人不惜晨阳暖, 晨阳依是古人欢.
古人今人若朝云, 相伴晨阳卸新日.
唯当咖啡对嘴时, 我依清爽如晨阳.
ula la la laa~~~

- 翔笔

Okie, finish my craps in mandarin,
we also manage to spot the drink and food there was quite "Unique" haha!

little marccus with his "Huge" white coffee

Damn "Huge"

Jac's one also Damn "Huge"

The size make little marccus happy XD

Wakaka, surprised by the size ya? actually they ain't that big at all.
Look inside the food.

Inside the barrel, you can see alots of meat.

The Barrel Rice

Cheese coated rice

On an overall, food there is So So~ only..
What nice there is the design make the restaurant unique. If you want to have some chit-chat drink gathering or discussion, there may be a nice place to select.

If for nice food. Think twice~~ keke..

Here is the map, Click to Enlarge~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While here is the little small drink I bought for a try from Jusco.
Is this a beer or wine? Called Plum wine? But it just a 50mL little bottle.
Name should be "Umeshu" I think..
The taste is quite concentrate but is nice.

The one inside the bottle is a kind of japanese plum.
Yup, the whole plum have the taste of the liquor, quite unique.

Anyone interest can have a try on it, and it won't let you drunk lar XD


Umeshu's pretty bottle

Can you see that UME?



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