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The Tower Screw Gods

Long long long long long time ago, in an Island called Penang Island or Pearl of Orient.
The island have its fascinating unique source of mother earth power or called Mo-Ea-Po which is constantly flow out from one point of a higher land.

The Mo-Ea-Po are so powerful that until so many evil creatures aimed it as a source to increase their strength to make bad things. Soon, more and more and more and more and more bad creature attracted to this place. And the Mo-Ea-Po was day by day, year by year being impoverish by these stupid mind creatures.

But! at a very good timing, A highly experience level Monk came. He found that the situation must have be corrected, before it become worst and worst. This unknown name one punya monk think of an idea that is to built a Cake Look Similar Temple to tame those stupid bad creature and restore back the Mo-Ea-Po they have consumed.

Then thousand years later, the temple is well known as Kek Lok Si Temple. (I think got the similar sound lar.. keke)

Kek Lok Si

A very Recently, little marccus also found a very nice temple holding on his hand.
In the name of Scr-Dri Temple (Pronounced as Skru-De-ai-Tem-per), where the full name is Screw-Driver Temple.

Scr-Dri Temple

It reveal the power within

The Power Core in Red

Each Scr-H God (Screw Head God) are sit nicely within

They are in praying mode

Also in Praying mode
(The one look like bullet head one
may be is a fighting God)

Ooo, They are all facing to the Power Core..

- The End -

Keke, Interest Ar Not little marrccus punya story. Actually is I just bough the multi-head screw driver set from Digital Mall. Wakaka

Will it be good or bad if this kind of thing lay on my hand. kekekekek...

And here is some picture of food and drink I have very recently. ^^

Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken Rice

(Ice Kacang and Cendol)

Hoegaarden "water"



  1. so wei siong@ pg still pandai makan as in kl last time

  2. haha, so creative lah you, can link the kek lo si temple with ur screw-drivers!

  3. Ck: I wanna stimulate ur saliva glands, keke.

    Wen ni: Haha, because they really look a-like ^^


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