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marccus cracking again for wireless signal. Poor Huawei e220 modem.

Again.. Since last post (here) about how to improve Wireless Broadband signal using extension method..
Little marccus is again facing annoying by dropping modem recognition and signal's weakness (may be kena capped by maxis coz havt pay the bill for few months, keke..).

There fore. the hands.. goes.. unstable....

And this time, little marccus seems goes a little bit too far with the little modem..
(there will be 23 pictures loading.. prepare and strengthen your connection please, hehe)

The pretty and sexy and charming maxis(R)broadband USB modem

with a knife and big flat head screw driver.. It "poP!". open..

This was done in office. little marccus can't open it up yet cause
the screw tower in his room.

You can see there got a layer of stickies to hold the Logo plate.
So when open will become un-easy.

Finally, little marccus back to home and grab the hex-head screw driver and continue..
Looking naked inside..

you can see the antenna at the most right,
there are two hex-head screw locked it.

This is the so called internal antenna (little marccus think).
look how big when compare with little marccus mini finger.

Hey, compare with below one, that later gonna replaced the small thing.
Its like a Big Cock Cock Gai and Small Cock Cock Gai totally different man..

Samsung phone internal antenna
(that little marccus "Rent" from the screen-wire-broken D510)

Wanna see my ass?
There you go, Smell it!

Looks like some part is from South Central America..

Is this round thing contribute to the name of the modem?

Ok, What is the purpose little marccus go crack this thing up?
He was thinking of elongate something out from the antenna area,
so that in future may add a signal booster.
or may be, perhaps, integrated into his lovely iBook G4.
So all these are just a beginning training, kekeke...

Then, some usb wire was cut off..

Refined both 3" and 5" end.. and polymerize both strand.
There will be double stranded wire completed.
(o.O?? is there some terms sound familiar??)

Then little marccus used the soldering device that he borrowed from office,
to stick the mini wire on the place, where small antenna sit before.

Okie, after completed, let put to some test.
The green light got blink blink, mean the circuit board is going fine.

Then stick the Big Cock Cock Gai (BCCG) with the small wire and test.
Still, blink blink green color light is there.

But... wTf... -_-|||
How come this thing appeared!
Is the circuit board kena heat shocked and being reset, when soldering?
X.X die die... faster faster the little marccus sms Jac for help..
And at the same time, he keep on trying
uplug.. plug.. click click, unplug.. touch touch,
plug.. unplug.. plug..

Jac replied that there will need some time to resolve it.
wakaka, syok then.. Then nevermind lar.
Just go sleep and wait for tomorrow... X.X

But then.. Out of a sudden.
The dark blue light appered! Saviour~~ (what is savoiur?)

Then try using hand to hold the sim card..
Ta daa~~ The cyan light arrived~~
Means the 3G signal is uplinked.

So, this is how the new modem looks like.
Certainly little marccus had break the warranty or whats sort of agreement
hold by maxis. kekeke..
nevermind, since he is going to use the package for quite some time.

The Signal is actually didn't increase much.
Just it become more stable.

So....... the story won't end here, heheheheheh..... (evil "hehe..")

Part II,
still remember in that last post?
That I've make some connection between two USB cabel, that look quite awful ?
So now, since the soldering device is here.
Here I go~ try to make it a little bit more pretty. hehe

So, little marccus have only two hand.
This is how he do when wanted to soldering two wire at the same time.

The table is nearly get burn.. -_-||||
Lucky omitobuddha...

Hey, this looks pretty nice isn't it? ^^


Compare to this one?
How you think?
Got 10% better lar hor?


After little marccus ate the Chocolate Brownie, there is a foil..
Then use it to wrap the modem.
See, hoiyo, full bar in the cave-like room. wakaka..

Then little marccus want lansi, so when in office,
off the office punya wifi, and use the maxis one,
Hoho, can reach 1.0Mbps ler.
The speed is similar to land-connected wifi. =)

End of post---

P/S: So... Who ever wanted to try. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!
The whole process is really easy to get anything spoilt, get anyone wound, or get anyone high, or whatever danger.

And I have another new modem as Chritmas present, wakakaka ^^
Jingle Bell~ Jingle Bell~~

Updated post for new method  please visit here>> [Link]


  1. Haha ;p Probably all u need to do is holding the SIM card for green light to turn to blue light~

    Now you have learn how to modify ha!
    Good luck on next tested item ~

  2. at least u can resuscitate it. anyway ... mexico is in central america

  3. hey man no matter how hard u try the signal will not get strong!! dude don waste ur time doing such kind of meaningless thing..mark my word,wireless will not faster than monopoly ISP provider in this country STREAMYX!!

  4. Tian Jie: Haha, hope got more thing to show u, keke

    Johnny Ong: Haha, paiseh =P I saw the mexico just below North America then think it is South America. Thanks for let me know ^^

    simple: hehe, actually just my hand gatal and my life is poorly bored, so I go do that. By the way, have you use the TM Net wireless service?

  5. Seems to be that you did it. But that doesn't it void the warranty if you're renting the modem from Maxis ?

    Anyway , hows the performance can you post speed tests , if you could get like ~3Mbps

    Thanks for the heads up , I guess people would be happy to read your entry on it :P

  6. Bro...
    the antenna works as a heat sink and it won't do much good as the download is dependant on the receiving point.

    One way is to stick the whole thing into a tin biskut marie, as it works basically like a booster. You know the bigger your astro dish, the better the reception thingy.

    I tried with CELCOM and download 450MB from itunes and it gets 1088KBPS!

    Good luck..

    BTW, since U get sim unlock, means its LOCKED TO 3 network!

    azrin @

  7. prasys: Hi, the warranty is certainly being void. haha, the speed wont go to the top. but at a satisfied range only. Better than last time using streamyx that it claimed to be 1mbps, where the speed is about 100kbps or dar more less than that.

    Gee@Kedai.TV: Hihi Geek, =) thank for let me know the thing is not the antenna XD. By the way I do get the speed of 1mbps or 1.8mbps when the modem is not in my housing area. And what you mean by "locked to 3 network"? o.O??

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