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2008 Dec Pikom PC Fair: The Battle of Broadband

Dec 13, 2008 Me and Jacob or Jac (Tian Chad's new name, wakakak) went to KLCC for a walk at PiKom PC Fair, the Malaysia Largest Computer Fair.

For me, I've no reason to go there. I've nothing to buy actually. So I just went for syok and update myself abit about new technology and sneak-peek some chicks.

It's being a long time for me have not step on Putra LRT already, but lucky me still know how to purchase the ticket using ticket dispenser or via human operated counter. On the way, we saw a stage setup in the field opposite the Amcorp Mall, and Jac remind me of the concert by Fan Fan 范玮棋 (I think I get the name correct? Did I?)

When we reach there, it's as usual crowded, but not so pack. The dejavù Big Tall Green Tree appear in the center of KLCC.

Merry Chritsmas ^^

We straight go to the Convention Center throw the tunnel, and when reach there, and up to elevator. Look down to the New Zealand Ice Cream store and see..


This time, the PC Fair have 2 floor of exhibition. The main Entrance is at level 3. Before we really go into the exhibition place. We reach the first stop called PC Guru, where it provide free consultation when needed.

A pretty girl posting to welcome us.

I did not take picture with her yet, because I still shy X.X
I also suspect to have met LiewCF (a famous full time blogger), but due to not confirm and shy, I did not dare to ask him "Are you LiewCF?" X.X

Ok, Inside the PC Guru hall, we have saw some new technology and gadget.
Intel have it new processor shown up here, the Intel Core i7.
I've get a change to touch the new generation of Hard Disk, the SSD (Solid State Drive), where previously I first know from MacBook Air.
From the expert there, he told that what make SSD different is their built all are non-moving part. Mean no motor spinning in it. With SSD, you can shake or drop or throw or chew your Hard Drive, and it won't spoilt (Except you blow it up). keke.

This is SSD

The name have told.

Also I spot a funny gadget but don't know what it is. I think is a cool music DJ gadget, I guess.

Cool gadget

Here with Intel Core i7, gaming may be different starting 2009.

Three Dimensions mean Three Monitors?

After that we go to the next hall and continue exploration. This time after step out from the room, I'm not shy liao. On my Golden Baby and ask the pretty girl to snap photo with me. keke.

marccus and pretty girl
(she point the PC Guru arrow to marccus?)

Jac and Pretty Girl

The next hall very fast I saw the apple booth, keke.. Then fast fast go and roll round there.
And I get a chance to touch and feel my dream item. The Ipod Touch!
Yet, the battery is running low. I only able to intimate with it only for awhile.

Rest well, my dear.

And I spot another "WoW" gadget. This Qosmio notebook is specially design for heavy gamer i think. Especially Red Alert III. wakaka.

Red and Sexy Qosmio

And after that continue to walk around and spot few gang of leng lui. Pheew~~~ wit!

Acer Girls

Samsung Girls

Santa Girls

After that I saw another unique gadget, the Brother Automatic Powerful Sewing Machine (Yes, not from Sister). This thing can really Sew! Yes, Sew!
It even do more better than us! >.< (of course, I didn't sew.) You can actually input a picture using USB connection or Memory Stick Card to it. Or you can even enter directly on the touch screen panel for some simple wording. Once you set everything properly. There you go. Start! You can see it slowly draw a draft line and then followed by the striking fast sewing speed. Omfg.. Incredible man, who want to built his/her own cloth factory can consider this. Yet, ther price is MYR 35,999.00 (PC Fair Price), wakaka..

Brother Advance Sewing Machine

The Six Ultimate Sew Head

Watch it in Action!

Next, we go continue and reach some camera booth. Another Hot girl spotted.

Lumix Girl

After spend some time joking around in Canon Booth, and show Jac the new model of Canon IXUS 980 IS. and back to Panasonic booth to have a touch on G1. We went out from this hall.

Outside, we stopped by a pretty girl from Intel. She told us to write a few line of words to express our though for saving the planet. And it can actually let us have chance to grab a Free labtop back. So we stop by and write our note, try our luck a bit also. Haha.

There are soooo many stickies..
(Hope those people have awareness and act to save our earth lar..)

This is what I write.

They are working to stick on.

Perhaps, as Jac said, the best "solution" may be
Swtich to Intel Centrino or Core 2 =)

Finally, we reach the last Hall, and the big one some more. Also the most expected to be highly populated area. Once we get in, I get attracted byt this flag thing.

Kingdom of Shu.

It is actually a new online game system, but does not require download and install of software, is web browser-based one. There is a cute and lovely girl approach us and explain how it function. Since it free and got free RM 10 coupon, so we just sit and have a 1 minute registration process. I do spotted they have the Cute Gundam Sanguo Model as well, haha.

Zhang Fei, ROAR!~~

Isn't She cute and lovely?

We continue for the long walking journey in this treasure hall. There some items we spotted to be interested, kekeke.. Such as,

Very Heavy Power Supply.

Wi-fi Lexmark Printer.

Gaming PC

Shakey Shakey Christmas Hat

Until now, we still have the last portion of the great treasure hall to walk through before reach the exit. Here, at the intersection area, we spot a unique gift, Sony PSP (Jac's most wanted now, wakakaka), then we approach and see what it is. And then, we get to know this Guy and his new form and kinda creative IT company, known as
The concept of their business nature is. They have a number of pixels on their website, they will ask interested advertisers to advertise on their space. If, You as a interested advertiser, you will have a choice to choose how many pixels you want and then put your image up there (min. is 10 x 10 pixels, means a dot), and they charge you RM 1.00 per pixel.
Who ever come to this space and found it interesting, they will probably click on that pixel or image (if you buy big enough..), your information will shown up. Interesting? just visit to

One of the founder of
James and marccus

And Finally~~ We saw the door of exit from this great treasure hall. But wait!
There is something happen. Big Fight are going on there! OMG, you will know what I mean.

The Green Sorcers

The Yellow Warriors

The Orange Juices

The Blue Walkers

The Purple Spirits

The Black Undead

Snap with one of the Spring Hat, keke

Wakaka, It's really fun and unique to see this kind of scene. Hoiyoyo, Maciam mahu gaduh only. kekeke.. These Broadband Company really gone crazy and crazier~~
Then this is the real one we finally get out from PC fair.

The view of KLCC Convention Center

The time is now 7.00pm, we are exhausted and hungry, but still, I'm going to snap few photo of KLCC before healing my stomach and before the Golden Babe bettery is depleted. So snap snap snap again. kekeke.. (Pity Jac there.. )
It is actually very lucky that the sky is very clear coz it just after rain ^^

Hill side

Close up on the Intersect Bridge

Close up on the head

Close up on head II

The lake

The Lamp on Floor

This one I like to make it as wallpaper =)

Fountain water show, more sexy than women

The pillar of God

High Jump

Wakaka, and Jac is seems so concentrating...

Until then.. My Golden babe battery is completely gone.. So my Golden Eye have stop function as well.

Jac Help me snap with Twin Jagung.

After that we have a dinner in KLCC food court, to fill up our emptied stomach.
Then we went back directly. While on the way back, I met LiewCF again before taking elevator down to the railway waiting zone. This time I dare myself to asked whether he is LiewCF or not.

What do you know? Is HIM!!
OMG OMG.. Then I asked Jac to help me snap the photo of me with him. kekekeke..

marccus and LiewCF

He will the other Top and Famous Blogger I met in my this life! How happy I am, wakakaka..
Jingle Bell~ Jingle Bell~~

P/S: Those who interest to get the lamp picture as wallpaper one, do let me know your screen size and gmail me. I will send you a larger version that fit your screen =)
Just if you like it.


  1. Wow...the PC fair is so much different from the Penang one... Penang one is so crowded, not many thing and limited leng lui~hhahah

  2. Good post ;p
    I dont even have the energy to do that after back from the fair

  3. the picture taken is so nice, and yea, the scene is quite funny with the colours.. haha..

  4. Man, a lot of cool gadgets there in KL. Enjoy looking at the leng luis. He....He...

  5. guys only take pics with *hotchicks .hehe

  6. too much photos to load man! anyway, a nice post

  7. Jason Law: Penang one only make it in PISA, if they have larger space, sure will got more leng lui to fit in, keke. I'll be in penang next time =)

    Tian Chad: haha, i just havt feel sleepy so continue make it only, keke.

    Donasky: Thanks! ^^ yalo, its first time I met this scene, haha.

    Borneo Falcon: There actually more leng lui one, but I kan chiong didnt snap much XD

    CK: we just take few pic with hotchicks only, haha, Still main focus on gadget one.

    Kuntong: Sorry, haha, oso first time put so much photo here. ^^

  8. ROFL! Never knew Liew actually came down as well. I wonder what he's looking for this time. :P

    Anyway, the selling of pixels on a website isn't new at all. Go Google the Million Dollar Homepage and you'll know what I mean.

    And I especially liked how you named the telco and ISPs. LOL!

  9. Danny Foo: Thanks for dropping by! ^^
    Haha, ya, I search that and just realize.. Omg, I so outdate, haha.


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