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People I admire: Shane Chen

Having to work for more than 6 months, I've come across this great guy.

His name is...
Shane Chen

(sorry, I don't have his clear photo,
I wish I can take a picture with him,
it will be my happiest moment in my life, Haha!)

He is Inventor.

This man he created one of the agency product that I've in-charge, which is Plant Analysis kind.
But now he is changing his direction into sporty.
His creative mind inspire me, and make me kinda admire of his intelligence.
He even owned some number of patent. Wow~ Geng!
I wish I have 10% of his brain power, wakakak..

Here I show some pictures of his invention.

Highly Portable Photosynthesis System

Highly Portable Laser Area Meter

Highly Portable Canopy Imager

Highly Portable Root Scanner

Interested? Please visit to

Here, the most current work out.

Aquaskipper (the Most Famous)


Orbit Wheel

Swerver Quad Skates

Swerver Ultimate Carving Streetboard

Xing Board

Xing Scooter




and more and more...

Interested? Please visit to
Inventist, Inc
and order some? =)

They sure will be a very nice Christmas Gift for Family, Kids, Friends, Intimate-Friends, Doggy, Miaomy, yourself or little marccus!

Jingle Bell~ Jingle Bell~~

P/S: Here is the recent News about Shane in Business Wire. Link

And here is one of the TV interview of Shane! ^^

More Info about Aquaskipper in Link


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