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The Golden Eye. 金睛火眼.

Here come the Golden Eye

Those who read or study or draw Journey to the West (a chinese old sci-fiction comic), will know that the Monkey King named Su Mo Kong there have his ultimate Golden Eye 金睛火眼 that have the function to identify the creature and monster with just a blink of eye.

Now, in nearly end of the year 2008.. Little marccus also get his own one. Don't play play.
So, monster, If one day you see me one day some where, you better run!
If you see my hand have a torch light, you better fly!

Coz, I'll snap and flash until your true form is transform back. Wakakaka..


  1. is that photoshopped or what ..

  2. Harmony: hehe, I dono how to use photoshop, mostly use Firework to edit. peace~

    Wen ni: haha, must be good quality one ya.

  3. Wow..pretty nice ^^! Where is your Tong Sam Zong? Firework?

  4. Haha, Jason, Thanks!
    Tong Sam Zong go yam cha with Guan Yin sister and Fatt Zhou brother, keke..

    Firework is a kind of image editing software. Previous was owned by Macromedia. but now Adobe bought it up. So now known as Adobe Firework.

  5. WoW! your golden eye how many mega pixel >.<
    Canon brand summore~ LOL

  6. Adrealyn: Haha, the level of the Golden Eye is now 10 (10 Mega Pix). wakaka


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