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I see I see.. New EVO Police Car.

Hey hey, any one want to play some pursue with our PDRM?
wakaka, don't play play now. They got new car ler. 25 units some more. And look like this.

Their intent is to catch criminals and speed hogs (is it mat rempit?) according to the news. (ref link)

But.. So many super car they don't want, why they want Mitsubishi EVO?
Probably our criminals know many lorong (small street), and our Mata (Policeman) will drift all the lorong to catch the orang jahat (Bad guy).

So next time when we eat dinner at home and suddenly hear some "pi po pi po.." (police car siren) + "Yiiiikkk.. pssshhhh..." (drift sound) at the back street of our home, don't worry, is our police guys putting hard work to catch criminals.

The new car certainly look gorgeous than the old one right?

Old Car

New Car

Hope they know how to take care their new cars. Wakakaka.
and If really want to play with them, also make sure your horse power is modified or originally enough ya.
Jingle bell~ Jingle bell~~

** P/S: that mitshi police car is I edit one ya, keke. real one hav't come out =)


  1. cool..hope they are no excuse anymore, that can't catch offenders driving bm or benz

  2. keke, CK, later they say porche faster. XD

  3. waliu.. use so good car for show off only.. last time always compare with farrary as police.. lol.. no use also.. waste country money

  4. Next time is the ambulance changing their van~

  5. sure boh? evo?! looks photoshopped!

  6. Crazyfool: ya, is true, they really have so much money to spend.

    永遇乐: TJ, haha, i forget make that van come out :p

    zhengdhong: haha, is true as news already reported. but this one I pre-make it one. Fireworked and photoshopped. keke..

  7. Wahh Evo O.o
    I thought the government always asked us to support local product ar.. @@

  8. Hmm... hope they wont be crashing on the road so soon. It is a good car ^^"

  9. Miao: haha, this shows again their statement make are quite "flexible".. =P

    Jason Law: Yalo, hope they won't think they are super driver can liao. keke

  10. wow.. got great editing skills~

  11. Buttercup: Not good yet ler, still have obvious flaws. try to improve, haha.


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