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Wow! extra Free 2 hours call time from VoxOx. keke

There is a saying from chinese old dude.
'Bird bird that wake up early, will get worm to eat.'

keke, just receive a email from Mr. Noreply from VoxOx.
The email is stated that they are giving extra 2 hours call time (120 Vox points) to those early bird bird.

From the mail, I also just know this new IM toy launched on 3rd Nov 2008.
And now they have tens of thousand (I actually don't how many they was telling, hehe) downloads since the first day.

They do mentions there are suggestions and bugs report given by those users, and was putting hard work for the improvement (for the Take Control! objective, haha).

Hope those early bird bird same as me will enjoy the extra 2 hours call time. We may now call to JJ and Rudy for phone pranks as well, wakakaka..

Along the email they have included a table for their features stated more clearly.

Thanks to VoxOx team and Enjoy!~ =)

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