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VoxOx install review

so.. After installed the VoxOx 1.0.0 Vista version. Let's see how it looks like.

This is menu screen the if you first time launch it. Nice huh? keke

Before you can go into access anything in VoxOx, you need to register an account.

It's free for sign up a new username. This user name do not mean for Messaging purpose, but it work something like Skype ID, and come a "phone number".
After filled all information, then you need to go and retrieve a validity check email in your mailbox.

from the website

go into mailboxback to the website

And now, you can finally log in VoxOx.
This is how the main window look like. Elegant? wakaka

And... before can start call or chat or do whatever thing, you need to go thru a setup process if you are a first time user.

This is the setup wizard screen. Just click "Next"

First, is for you to determine which IM client to add. It shows that VoxOx support Yahoo! messenger, ICQ, AOL, Gtalk, "Don't know what is that" and msn for now.
You are require to enter your IM username and password. It work the same as adium (mac) and digsby (windows).

Next is the social network. For now, only able to create for facebook. There show got youtube, "Don't know what in", and Live space (I think) that can be added later on.

Then is the Email add-in. There are five email client that can add, which is Yahoo! mail, Outlook (I think), Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL.

Fourth screen show the phone number that can be added. The purchase of adding the phone number here is for diverting call function.

Here, you can try to make a phone call. You see the remark star * there?
It written "New user? You have 2 hours of free call time!" Haha

When you finish the try to call, now you are on try to sms. keke..

After finish SMS to youself, the setup is done and you can start find someone to call and chat!

This is how the chat screen looks like. The theme is mainly in black. Like it's slogan "Take Control!"
Like the black colour that want swallow the whole universe, haha


  1. The Incredible KAzuaGirl7 November 2008 at 08:16

    but my msn messenger is doing good for me...i dont see the necessity for this thing (actually dono how to use). But i like the black design, suits my black lappy..

    WHat is the installation size.will it take a huge part of our computer harddisk? and will it hang, or keep disconnecting?

    What about other msn features such as nudge, emoticon, share background pics? can we save the emoticon such as "ka zua" inside?

    Please advice.


  2. haha, kazhuak girl, it is still very new. of course it got nudge, but still limited to VoxOx user. Installation is very small only. I advise u to install and try out first.
    Then wait for version 2.0 i think will be more stable. haha. that time you probably will able to "Kat Zat" ppl. keke

  3. hmm, how many people is using this already? macam tak pernah dengar je?

  4. Haha, it is still very new as I mention. you can try it. or visit their blog in their website.
    my advise is, now is for trying, they still need alots improvement.


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