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VoxOx, New type of Instant Messaging!


Voice Ox?
Voice Cow?
MoOoOooo... ??
(I also don't know what is that..)

New Prototype of Instant Messaging People Connecting Giant is Up!
From Cnet News, It said was the combination of Skype and Digsby something like that.

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In the main website, you can see the layout and design are charming, sexy, mysterious, elegant, etc. May be because of the blackie look.

The features stated VoxOx can be function in the way that call people, making video chatting, diverting call, voicemail, and fax. The Phone service was come with 2 hours free talk time (If you spare them some of your friends contact or yourself one =P)

For Instant messanging, there didn't stated it serve which client, and just written universal IM. So I think MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk should be available. And also it can sms and email I think.

Supported OS platform included Macs, Linux, Windows, and Mobile.

But the downloadable is now limited to Mac (67.4MB) and Window (25.1MB) users.

Current 1.0.0 version support Intel based Mac, with OSX 10.5 Leopard (-_-|| but not 10.4... why??)
For PowerPC based, they will make one available soon.

And for windows, you can install in full version as what it claimed. From Windows 95 until Vista. So if you using Windows 95 and have enough harddrive space, Yes! you can VoxOx also and go lansi the Vista users. wakakak..
But when you ready to download, the requirements then limited to Windows XP and Vista. Nevermind! Windows 95 users, Give it a try!

Linux OS still in the production, same goes to the mobile version.

If you like to see more updated news, you can follow their blog They have a blogger-like blog in their website. But now inside still nothing and is empty.

Will it be a very tough competitor for Skype and Digsby?
Let's just try it out and see =)

I'll go back to office tomorrow and use the office line and download it and try, cause the Maxis Broadband having some emo condition. Hehe, see the 1.0.0 version reach how good.


  1. cool. i also wana download.but i'm using digi data transfer package! it might take years to complete the download...

  2. haha, no problem de. what i know is digi Edge connection is quite fast also ar. Try it! keke

  3. Wow, I do really like the look of that. Right now I am using Adium for the Mac, which is great for combining my instant messengers . . . but I am going to givve this a go, because Adium doesn't support video or phone conferencing yet.
    What would really be great if one day I can get my skype integrated into one of these programs as well!

  4. hi Olaf, i'm a user for adium as well =)
    there is a video chat add-on for adium, but the quality is not as good as skype yet.
    The VoxOx however is still very new. For me i think, stick to adium and skype first. wait for later version only make the full move. hehe
    But do enjoy trying it. =)

  5. sound good, will have a try


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