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Marccus on Pacmee

Marccus is now on Pacmee =)

Anyone are welcome to add marccus by using mobile phone (Maxis or Digi, sorry no Celcom user yet) or thru Pacmee website

For mobile phone (Maxis or Digi),

use sms, type ON<SPACE>MARCCUS
and send to 22700 (for Maxis users) or 36400 (for Digi users)
* RM 0.00 for each sms sent =)

Can also log on to Pacmee site and follow marccus, =)


  1. can tell me what is Pacmee? =x

  2. hi tingyou, Pacmee is a type of status update widget. It connect with ur mobile to give instant update of what you want to share among your friends/communities (or know as followers).
    Do visit and get to know more details =)


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