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who said macbook only function as laptop? Wait till you see SLOrk!

When there is a Macbook in your hand, what you will do?

For presenting slide?
For watch DVD (either porn or no porn)?
For online chatting?
For Gaming?
For lansi people about you having a mac?
or whatever..

Hey dude, why don't we make music! ermm.. I mean orchestra?
Using laptop as musical instrument?
Yes, it is you ain't get it wrong.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is surprisingly , and I feel it's crazy and cool.
I saw this from Apple new's update actually.

In Stanford, there is a person who is composer+researcher+programmer named Wang Ge.

Wang ge

He, is the one make a macbook unusually unique.
He, created the Stanford Laptop Orchestra, a.k.a. SLOrk


For increase in performance, they even build their own multichannel, half-sphere speaker.

I just feel they're awesome.

Not because they use Mac, or they are rich (hey, who say Mac is only for rich people?)
It because Wang Ge and his SLOrk is inspiring, and creative!
Indeed they are just normal human, but They make themselves Unique!

More info? Surf here!
Stanford Laptop Orchestra Musical Macs.

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