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Virgin Flight.

Marccus is back to Puchong again~ =)

Here perhaps write something about the last two days in Kuching.

First of all that, my trip to Kuching was not holiday, Sadly even now is the starting of school holiday, I'm going there for work! T.T

The trip consists of two person which the objective is to provide training to Malaysia Coco Board about the Photosynthesis System. Obviously one of the two is me who in-charge for the product and will give the full training to them, and the other is my senior named Tracy who is follow because she is also the person who involve in dealing the case. I also would like to Thanks Nicole! without her help in dealing the shipping problems, the goods may long-gone somewhere. 

Since the destination is Kuching that located in Borneo Island, we need to take aeroplane. There is no bus or boat or ferry or superbike or super-bicycle or LRT or KTM service that provide transportation in between KL and Sarawak.

Its shame to tell that this is my first time traveling by plane. Keke.
So, my virgin fly was given Air Asia already.

What I observed is, their flight attendants is quite pretty and handsome (hmm, as I early found from their website that they're hiring flight attendant for male and female, should I make a serious consideration? Wakaka)

Another thing I observed is, the female flight attendant were mostly having a heavy make-up on their pretty face. And I saw their order menu in front of the sit, there got promoting for Silky Girl cosmetic. Is it they're using Silky Girl cosmetic for their make-up? Its like no need money and draw on the face one.

However, while I enjoy the on-time flight and reach my destination safely.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sarawak is a big big land really. Their round-about said it all. And Kuching town is also not small. When first reach there, Mr. Rodney who is the Director of buyer/middle-man company come and fetch us and become our tour-guide.

He is an 50 yo man of Iban-Chinese, but with Malay name. Truly friendly. Talkative. Full of Experience. Sincere. Humble. Also Hardworking. And what I surprise is, he already a grandfather of two grandson, holly!

In these two day, from him, I've learn quite alot about doing business. Especially in Kuching/Sarawak. Their method of dealing is totally different, and not that easy. Mr. Rodney is also a multipurpose man. His possessed great knowledge of plantation, and fertilizer. Some machinery are also within his expertise. He is also a PCO of Sarawak football, which I don't know what is PCO mean. He is a volunteer of JPA. and lot lot more. One thing is, he like sell durian (as part time job he said), where the point is, durian profit good! wakaka.

Ok, first day of the training was not much, mainly I teach Mr. Osman (Who is the Research Officer and Manager for LKM Kuching, LKM= Lembaga Koko Malaysia) and his two siblings, his research assistants that he will train up to be a expert plant physiologist. Mr. Osman is a experienced man in physiology of Coco Tree. He do teach me a bit of the Coco Tree knowledge, haha. Feel so honor. ^^

I also feel abit pressure to provide the training to him and his team. Thanks God the training still ok.
The photosynthesis system was actually look like this

At night, we have dinner with Mr. Osman they all and Mr. Rodney was the one who pay (For the whole two day, any expenses was paid by him, omg..). Then after having dinner he bring us to round the Kuching city area. Kuching was uniquely having two bandaraya, where one is DBKU (Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara) and MBKS (Majllis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan). DBKU head is a Malay, and MBKS head is a chinese. They doing very great job in making Kuching a nice and clean place. Mr. Rodney have told me many kind of Building. He seems to know all of them, and belong to who, and how is their background. OMFG! how he know these all??>.<>

Okay, after finish round-round-round, he send us back to the hotel. But was then follow Tracy's customer go out again. This time he bring us a place like pub I think? Cause there got some serving as cocktails and other liquors, and in-front of the stage have some lady singing. The place is located inside Hilton Hotel, named Senso (If not wrong). At there, I ordered my first martini to drink, Apricot Martini. Oo~ quite nice. haha. But my face get abit flush, cause I'm not used to be a drinker. It's dangerous cause I may easily get raped by people. Hoiyoyo.. XD But he also the all-do kind of trading person like Mr. Rodney. Even wash the bridge also involve him! OMFG! 

x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o 

The next day, we going for the next section training where I let them have some hand-on experience and On-field testing. 

We have a picture snapped together there. 

From the left: 
Mr. Rodney, Mr. Osman, Mr. Marccus, Ms. Tracy, Mr. Osli

And once everything done, we having a lunch together all in J&J, a grade A famous restaurant in Kuching. After lunch, Mr. Rodney bring us round the Kuching area again. Because it was just 3pm, and our flight time is 5.30pm, it still early lar. 

Mr. Rodney is really many experience to share with us. I really want to learn how he can talk so much! hahaha.. 

The flight back to Kuching was by Air Asia air bus also. This time for sure, the female flight attendants really use silky girl cosmetic make-up. Man... they colour they eye so deep X.X 
But still they all very pretty and charming. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

There is something to add up where, when I queuing up and waiting on boarding the plane. I saw a familiar face come in a hurry and go to behind of the que. When I in the plane, I see him the second time. For sure now, is Kenny Sia. haha, how a coincidence to meet this blogger celebrity. Aiks, so damn that I don't have a VCD (Visual Capturing Device), if not I will go snap a picture with him. wakakakka

I think there may be some event in KL for him again. =)
Waiting for his post and see what is happening. Hahaha

In KIA (Kuching International Airport) before departing and before Kenny Sia passing by. 

** Sorry guys, this post is full of word~ like worms~~ haha, I think I may need heavy consideration and hardwork to get a VCD liao. X.X


  1. Lucky Tracy didn't do anything to you har! ;p

  2. haha, wei siong cepat cepat get a leng lui from air asia, haha...kuching is a nice place, nxt time when u hv vacation ,should go there, and have a break..

  3. wow man, your post is really "long winded"..
    but anyway, i think you really enjoy your virgin flight very much....& one more thing, maybe they thought putting on more make up on their face will make them look prettier.. or it might be the air-asia policy that force them to do heavy make

  4. #1: Haha, Tian jie, ya, it is lucky, otherwise her husband will buy let me have another virgin flight to hell. keke

    #2: Ck, kuching is truly a nice place. Once u more understand their culture. U'll more into them. hehe. Wait u done ur PhD then can make a trip go there have fun, haha

    #3: sorry lar mun mun, i only can input text to express myself for the moment, keke. but hor, the air asia FFA (female flight attendant) make-up is really... if their face stick on wall and take out, u hardly differentiate the colour on wall is not a paint. wakaka

  5. wei..nxt time, when u travel that time, remember learn this my fm's DJ--nicholas, how he captured pics of airplane stewardess, and share with us ma....check his following blog--

  6. aih, Ck, u're deeply inspiring me to get a camera liao.. >.<
    But it's dangerous if a camera is hold in my hand.. keke

  7. wah..Nice trip oh..U wan to become flight attendant?haha..Mostly they are applied very thick make up i think.. For SIA also la..REd lip and green or blue eyeshadow and the finger nails are in red colour...Coz those colours made them more energetic and warm...If Korean air or japan airline i think the make up not so thick..hehe...Go and find a flight attendant gf..hehe..

  8. wakaka, susan. is it wat u tell me really true? really make them energetic and warm? but they really have green or blue eyeshadow. about 2.5cm height on both eye. XD and u so supporting for become FA, haha. Thanks thanks.

  9. I'm a kuching people, i think i should drop my comment here. Haha, so happy you visited Kuching at last! It's indeed a nice place, somemore you're same plane with a blogger celebrity - Kenny Sia whom we rarely seen in Kuching! =p

  10. Haha, wenni, thanks for dropping by.
    this time I can't meet u in Kuching. Next time if got chance to come again will kaciao u liao, keke.

  11. Hey Mauccus, nice of you to drop by. HHmm...u lost ur virginity to Air Asia? I think its a great company coz they make flying so affordable!

  12. Hi, Dree. Thanks for dropping by alos =)
    Haha, can see, u also is air asia supporter oo.
    Cheers for Air Asia, haha

  13. Hoiyo!

    Only thanks Nicole. no souvenir..

    poor nicole in office..


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