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Nice Music and Business Info in 89.9, B-FM!

Due to the boringness of repeatedness playing of same music on most radio, and some are quite boring about information and hosting style.. I've decided the luck to tune tune the radio, to find my long lost soul.

And Yes! I've explore out a frequency that ngam my taste. WakaKaka..

It's 89.9 called BFM.

Yea, I know it sound weird. The name is BFM. I think may be is from Business FM.

I've been attracted by the music played in there. So nice!! So smooth~~ and so listening~~ ^^

Inside there actually is meant for business info-zone.
But I not yet really hear much about it.
There also have ads about taking good care of your children, make sure don't let them be kidnap or gone some where else.
May be the station is still new, not much ads in there. Mostly are music. And their music is Great!!

But I think if for those updated people may not feel special about the music, because mostly are quite oldies. Where the oldies have the taste like Kopi O gao gao~~

Anyway, here is their website for further exploration, Http://

I shall rest now and prepare for tomorrow trip to Kuching.
Miao~ Kuching, here I come!
Hope can see Kenny Sia there, haha
and also hope good luck for the Training X.X

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