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This is called Hokkien Mee. NOT Har Mee..

Ok, I know clearly many people like the taste of food in Penang.

Some feel that they so blessed for the tastiness and yumminess.

It’s like living in heaven when those Penang famous food being chewed, touched your taste bud, slowly swallowed through your throat, entering stomach and intestine for processing, and finally feel the joy of release-ness from the butt.


The thing is.. Please lar at least..

Get the name correctly from the origine.


Why I say so ler?

Because.. My favourite Hokkien Mee has been named Har Mee for those stupid copy cat.

-_-|||||   really no mood ten thousand times..

Dude, make clear now? 

Is HOKKIEN MEE, not Har Mee!


  1. but it's har mee...prawn mee eh...T.T

  2. hehe, u can try to make order in penang. no bluff u one

  3. Let's just say.. you name it what you want..
    Everyone from central and southern malaysia have diff hokkien mee. The dark savoury stir fried wan. So if we want call ur hookien mee as har mee, then be it. Try ordering hokkien mee in other parts and you'll get the shock of your lifetime. :P

    Besides it's such a general term. It's like telling your friend your father is the father and his father is not father. Lolz!!

  4. hahaa.. cos ppl will misund it to be fried hokkien mee (black mee) if they are not from penang.
    i used to call it hokkien mee when i'm small in penang too... now KL all is har mee alr...

  5. Haha, Wong, thanks for dropping by. May be it just weird for me to hear it. It's like an ordinary mat salleh son called his father "Fu Qing" then his father shocked! Oh god, No, is "Father".. But the little son still say "Fu Qing".. One feel weird, but the other not. keke..

    Hi Maro gal. thanks for dropping by too. u also from penang ya. haha. yala, since I'm in kl, all also called har mee, cause of the name prawn mee. hehe

  6. Agree with you. Its Hokkien Mee people.

    And the dark savoury stir fried wan...its not called Hokkien Mee LOL...its Hokkien Char.

    Too bad the name changes to prawn mee in KL ... which doesn't give in much to the imagination.

    And, I am from KL lol...must be the influence from my parents and relatives who came from the Northern Msia.

  7. jasonmighty, hey Bro, let's raise our peace fingers and said
    "Yes, We Can. It's Hokkien Mee"
    Thanks for dropping by! =)

  8. ya..anyway ipoh we call mee udang

  9. Then it a bit looks like our Sarawak Laksa Mee. =)

  10. Seems like Hokkien Mee = Har Mee now~~

  11. haha, actually. it's ok for the name to be Har Mee or whatever. But just when it put the name "Penang" in front, is better lar, make it named "Hokkien Mee". I feel silly if written Penang Har Mee. If name is only Har Mee then ok ma. keke


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