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Unknown pain~ go away~ please~~~

... ... isks... ... oohh..... aih.... eee.... isk.....

ohh... ar... mm... iskk.........

-_-||| duh... being suffer stupid unknown pain in abdominal area for three days now.. What the stupid thing it happen underneath my abdomen.. was having sudden fever after having exotic (suspected) food in mamak eating nasi kandar with cooled coke.. the nightmare began!~~ There's a awesome pain... pain... around liver-stomach area.. seek doctor was told "nothing one~" then after torch into my throat and said, "oh~ just a fever caused inflamation reaction~ nothing one~"

... ...

then guai guai eat the medicine then..

after one day still can not tahan! >.< go buy po chai yun and eat. cause there actually got feels of some gases forming and keep out some air.. after having one pack of PCY. then relieve abit. But the devil come back after an hour time.. Mannnn... keep me rolling in the office.. X.X

okie, thinking was probably some evil microbes invaded my stomach. i decided to.. Buy Yakult!! use the probiotic to fight them!! Kill!!!

Dragging the whole-lame-tired-pain body go to Giant there and bought a pack of Yakult. Sekali gus hamtam 3 bottle.. keke.. aiks... still the same.. even can relieve abit, but the pain still persist there.. awhile come~~ awhile gone... come~~ gone... come ~~ gone... what is that~~~ duh~~~

After that finally decided to find the cause in Wikipedia (

there quite an interest list i can see there~~
-Gastroenteritis, appendicitis, gastritis, esophagitis, hernia, intussusception, volvulus, tumours, superior mesenteric artery artery syndrome, severe constipation, embolism, abdominal angina, sickle cell, peptic ulcer, celiac sprue, jasohnstritis, chlolecystutus, cholangitis, cholelithiasis, hepatitis, liver abscess, pancreastitis, herpes zoster, radiculitis, pulmonary embolism, pericarditis, radiculitis... etc etc etc etc... (-_- a bunch of unknown name....)

Aih, what sort of what sort of.. Keep a good rest now and tomorrow still have a driving journey driving back to Penang~
Here to Wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya!~ and gone my evil-painful... =)


  1. wah..hv to drive careful when bck to pg, and hope ur pain relief soon, if still persist, go see other doctor, listen to more advices lo..

  2. haha, now i feel better ady. safely reach penang, wakaka. Will back soon on sun lu~~

  3. haha, better takecare o u, like long time nt saw u on9..hehe


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