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About Three Column Blog

Ever feel the TWO column in default template of blogger/blogspot seem like limited space?
For me, I do feel it.

Ya, every living things live on earth survive and fights for space non-stop until after they die, still fights for graveyard..
Now, the non-living one, also appeared to have a similar issue.

Here I shows the source where I found the useful guidelines in order to change and expand your blogger/blogspot site become wider, prettier, bigger, colourfuller, widgets-er, and whatever that gives more..

There are two links that I came across for the teaching for 3 columns.

Webtalks and Blogcrowds

From there, you have to choose and download the XML format file first.
yea, those template actually the same with classic one, just that they now have Three Column! Amazing right? keke.

After you downloaded your favorite template, now do the backup of your own template first, for the "Safety FIrst!" practice.
REMEMBER!! replacing the 3 column will cleanse all the widget you have added. But there do teach how to backup and restore the widget, do can try it. But for me, I was re-created all widget.. T.T

Then, you can now upload the XML file onto your blogger/blogspot.

** Just follow the steps in the link I paste just now, is very easy to do them.

Taadaa~~ your new template with bigger space is ready and looking gorgeous for your readers. =)

Again, REMEMBER!!! replacing the 3 column will cleanse all the widget you have added.
So Think TWICE before proceed, hehe.

Good Luck for the try.


  1. ya..alway wanted to make 3 column, last time asked u, u did mentioned need to do some modification on the script language, haha..but since it will clear all the i think jz forget about this at the moment, hopefully can cum out with new template nxt time..haha

  2. ya, ck, but there is a way show in the link there for backup and restoration of widget. If you know what he talking about then can create a new blog and try there first before implement onto your origin one. hehe. wait for your new theme =)


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