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Follow comments?

Sometimes after i posted comments onto my friends blog and my own blog, always wonder how/when/what/where the next comments will be replied..

Then there actually some way to keep track on the comments that people have posted. keke.

What so far I know is the link to follow blogger/blogspot blog comments, other blog like wordpress/wretch/friendster blog I still not know how it works.

For blogger/blogspot, you may use the following default address and feed them:

>> feed:// <<

Just change the red color word to the name of the blog that you wish to follow.

For eg.:

If I want to follow Ck's blog, just change to


And if for tian chad's blog, wil be


Then just paste into address bar, and press Enter.
Save the RSS into your RSS feeder(such as Google Reader, or auto-add into web browser), it's just that easy =)

Enjoy following the comment. But for high traffic blog, please don't do this. You will faint when see the abundant comments replied, eventually become like this >> @.@


  1. ooo..good...for busy ppl like even news, journals..i also stp center..hahaa

  2. hehe, its good when you always keep updated, keke


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