Marccus blog have moved to Do visit there!! =D


Marccus moved!

Marccus is finally shifted to Tmn Wawasan~~

At here, I really have to thanks to Tian Chad for helping me to move the things of mine. Moving my bed, cupboard, tongs, books..........

Now I stay more near to my office and I can wake up more late!! wakaka, but actually also near a lil bit lar. keke
The new house have three cute doggies, wakakaka
(sorry that i dont have personal camera to snap photo of them. further more my only source of photography - the samsung camera phone is currently dead because of my gatal hand.. X.X
But whenever have chance to snap photo of them, will posted here again, kekeke)

Now everything is completely setup in the new room.
The maxis broadband line is also working great (still sticking to HSDPA signal after connected)

okie, time for rest.
Good Night~~~~


  1. Grats you shifted!!!

    Sorry wasn't able to help. One day we go make "open room" to celebrate your new room. wakakaka..

  2. I didn't help much ar
    Just go and kacau only, haha

  3. Haha, Tian Jie u do help me much lar.
    Come to visit my place lar nicole can visit tian jie at the same time also, keke.

  4. Where is tmn wawasan? I wanna go 'rompak' u. :)

  5. haha, who was anonymous?
    Tmn Wawasan located somewhere in Puchong, come and find me lar. hehe

  6. Anonymous is robber. Robber will never reveal his name. Anonymous is someone you know and also someone that know you. :)

  7. anonymous ni orang jahat betul.. >.<


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