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L.B.W.M.M.H (Laptop's Backside Wireless Modem Mini Hook)

When using a laptop, it means to work mobility.
When using a wireless modem, it means to online mobility. so..
Despite of a very little mini annoying when I always don't know where to put the wireless modem when moving around.

I finally come out this mini gadget. The L.B.W.M.M.H (Ver1.0)!!
The full name for L.B.W.M.M.H. is, actually, the Laptop's Backside Wireless Modem Mini Hook. (forgive me for the lame-ness to come out this awful and unaccepted name, due to my english language is very no standard one! :p)

The L.B.W.M.M.H. is totally deliver the ultimate solution for those who really want to go super-duper-mobile cyber user.

Here is how it looks like when pit to work.




It also fit very well with Dell Inspiron-1420

And its size is ultimately small! Can fit in pocket and bring to anywhere! Suit for those S.D.M.C user (S.D.M.C=Super-duper-mobile cyber)

And now there is a promotion offer in the coming Hari Raya!!
It only cost rm 0.50!!
with every purchase of 10 units, there will be a free of ONE unit!

And for those who are my friends, there will be a 70% less!!
Come grab one today!~


  1. won't it scratches the laptop? lol

  2. haha, its 80% safe. For the protection against the little steel, you may enhance with PVC-coated version, the ultimate P.V.C.L.B.W.M.M.H.!~~ keke

  3. hmm, then how much is the price for that P.V.C.L.B.W.M.M.H. if i'm interested to buy it? Got free delivery or not!?! To Sarawak!?

  4. WUahhhh...Like that also can? How come the besi so familiar? Take from LeeHung Sdn. Bhd one ah..EH..i very boring in office leh..Nobody kachiao me ady..Then nobody play blog with me also.

  5. hehe, you are in luck wen ni, there is a free delivery for Sarawak order at early of Nov, So make the purchase now and you will entitled for free delivery! for this ultimate P.V.C.L.B.W.M.M.H. to reach your place. =)

    Hoiyo nicole, is from my own kotak one, keke, when u bored look at my pic there, you will blessed with joy~ keke.


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