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Ulcers. Anyone?

Ulcers are quite a common thing to as I live for 20++ over years in Earth.
Being living in tropical country like M'sia, and with those hot chili pepper spicy heavy-duty-roasted deep-oil-fried foods seducing me all the times. And also, very strange that water are covered the earth 3/4 compared to land, and drinking water are actually quite abundant, but it seems that not the same when come to me. My mouth hardly reach water most of the time. hmm, wonder why..

Then now now, this week I've get a new upgrade version of ulcers I had so far. Last in mouth wall lining area, tongue surface... and this time? it appeared on my throat!~
Where the heck in the throat?? you may ask. It appea.. is they (got two actually) appeared as show in picture below.

wow~ this is quite a song happening moment to me. here i rate this type of ulcer

Painfullness: * * * * (4/5)
Persistentness: * * * (3/5)
Songness: * * * * * (5/5)
Spreadable-ness: * * * (3/5)

It actually not that pain, IF, compare to that damn one that appeared on my tongue. For the tongue, I'll enjoy the joy of hell if it comes..

okie, since I really really can not tahan that pain while i eating curry chicken rice and curry mee and coffee. I decide to find the way to eliminate it fast. Then I found this interesting website on the google search.

It called
"Mouth Ulcers Home Page"
The background of the website was believed to be the wall lining of the inner mouth. Quite pretty ya.

okie, what interesting is in "Treatment Survey" there.
I amazed that they listed 200++ treatment that people comments so far over the web.
wow~ i really dont know most of the treatment. Haha.

Some of the rated "quite" effect treatment like,
salt and saline solution,
Canker Cover,

I was stunted when show something really special for the treatment..
Silver Nitrate??
is it really can be consume?

And even this..

So.. for those who in future suffer from serious mouth ulcer, just call me, I can offer my help free-of-charge to you :)


  1. Everyday i pray..So that your tongue ulcer appears =P

  2. How could u say this to a C.G.o.W >.<


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