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Broadband so far... ... so good =)

Since signed up the Maxis Bolt-on promo for the Maxis Broadband usage..

until now I think should be just nearly a month time.
What is my comment?

So far.. so good lo. keke.
was know that in the fair usage policy did mentioned there is a 3GB cap for the bandwidth usage per month.
So far, I admit that I'm testing for that, either is true or not?

So what do you know?

I exceeded more than 50% of that

and what about the up/down data transfer rate?
still ok lar.

the pic taken during downloading something.

The max of down rate was one time reached 1 mbps so far. I still waiting for any faster rate.
and I admit the line is not everywhere good.
When I use this broadband in Penang house. The line not that good.

So, what you can say? =)
The broadband service also case-dependent type.

Maxis broadband? so far so good lar, wakaka.


  1. will it get disconnected very often? My bf is using the celcom broadband, but the problem is it always get disconnected when i used. Wonder whether same prob has happen to urs one.

  2. mm, so far i havt face this problem yet. But i did heard many users got this problem.
    Now i download wall e n iron man, hehe. was let it open while i go work, then wen i bac it still appear to downloading. =)


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