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Phone Deal and more for Digi Users! Digi Wanted Duck Duck Hunter

Again, maybe Digi bought too much phone last time and there are unclear stock in their store room.

This time, Digi Prepaid and Postpaid user have changes for grab some gift. (But I think prepaid one have more fun toys to grab with T.T cry for it cos i'm a postpaid user now..)

For Postpaid,

1. You need to have at least 3,000 Bonus Point in your account.
2. Then go log-in to your OCS, and Go to "Bonus Point", and search and click for the word with link "Promotion" under the table in there.
3. Then you just select which ever phone you want, redeem it and try for your luck!

There are two Nokie phone this time.

Nokia 6500 Classic for 3,000 points redeem.

Nokia 6210 Navigator for 6,000 points redeem.

Do it fast! cause it is time limited and stock limited. Redemption is applicable during 28 Oct until 31 Oct 2008!!

Should have worth these lovely gift after you've
paid digi more than RM 3,000 or RM 6,000 for
your bill =)

For Prepaid,

You will require to become a investigator agent =)

Still remember the radio ads about duck farmer? Something abit related lar I think. Haha.

What you need to do is
1. Go to the website (, follow instructions and beco
me the investigator.
2. Hunt for the two super duck duck. (You may get some cheat code for doing that, hehe)
3. Arrest and Get the code from them
4. Register and submit to your Station. And Good Luck! =)

Now is already the second week since this Crime Duck Investigation start, Sony Ericsson W880i have fly away~ This week is iPod Nano (not sure is the latest one or not..) week. Guys and Girls, don't waste time now, Go for it!

The week after, there still have Sony PSP, iPod Touch, Sony Ericsson W850i, and Sony PS3 for the last week!!

As for myself, I've tried for the Nokia 6500. If the redemption is successful, then I will have at least a cam-phone to snap photos for blogging, wakakakak..

Good Luck to others also!



  1. Thanks for the news ;p
    Going to try it soon

  2. Haha, faster try it oo, I think many ppl go grab them ler..



    my hp number ONG one ok!..


    Hope they will release the result soon.



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