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re-route.. re-schedule.. re-construct..

Marccus's life have one more time roller coasted a little bit.

20th, my uncle have sudden call from West-Life people.
ya, he just went like that without any reason or hint.

Was get a call from my sis, the atmosphere at the other end have get badly.
"It's time." my mind have thought.

23th, I went back for them. This is the first time also that the bus I take was broken down before reaching destination, and I've then went for ferry to reach there.

That night, acceptance have to be made for everyone. But what have concerned me so much, is my mum's thought. The sadness is very deep, and I've nothing much to do with it.
It is so long after my father's passed this moment, she have once more losing her dearest person in her life. The brother that everyday come and have some chat outside the house, being very caring for my sis's son and daughter, have just suddenly leaved.

24th, the funeral is not crowded with much people and is simple. As my uncle was not rich and not meet with much people. Same to my family. Now, his three daughters have to know how life to be going on and keep their journey. Sis, aunt, mum.. Hopes all the pain will faded fast from you all.

27th, take a ride with Beh and back to Puchong, tomorrow will still have to work.

Along the days, just tried to let my mum not to think so much. And, I have think much, as usual.
There is not much people left to taking care of them, there.
It's time to
re-schedule, and
re-construct whatever is for now.

Guess it should be, not so tough. Even if it is, it's already not the first time. keke.

Life still goes on as long as we survive. Enjoy whatever moments it bring. Appreciate whatever changes it make.



  1. so sad to hear, i would like to express my condolence to u and ur family..

  2. Life still needs to go on, hope your family especially your mom and your uncle's family can quickly forget about the sadness. God bless your family.

  3. Thanks to you both =)
    everything will be better soon.

  4. I forgot to wish you condolence.
    Be strong for your family..Life is tough and our journey has only began.

    Take care! Drink more coffee!

  5. It's sad to hear that.. Take care~!


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