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Say No to Plastic Bag!

Marccus is now on the campaign "Say No to the plastic bag", keke.
As the government in my country now is busy on buying helicopters for some reasons, until they have no time for environmental campaign, so I now syok myself sendiri. wakaka.

There was actually a No plastic bag campaign run in Australia. See how Australian putting effort to keep their country clean! Then after compare their country with Malaysia, we see their country so clean then migrate to there. Hmm.. it's sounds like after pangsai don't want clean your butt, leave the sai there and go to other place. Hello!~ your butt still have sai ler. At least clean the sai on your butt first lar.

Other country that practice this campaign once awhile like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Canada, etc etc..

Why Say NO to plastic bag?
1. They are just rubbish after all.
2. They are harmful after all. Some study shows.
3. They kill animal. Because when float on sea, turtle do not know how to differentiate plastic bag and jelly fish. Their mother do not teach them that when they young, and please forgive the mother.
4. They cost more to your stuff!

But in Malaysia that the country without this awareness, I'm sure that most people do not take a look on it, so don't even talk about Do it, wakaka. What for? we have so much resources what??

But this is a habit that need to be change. It is understand that we grow up with a sense that plastic bags are part of our life. Without plastic bags, We are in DoOms!!

Things happen if No plastic bag (Malaysian version):
1. How I bungkus my teh tarik?
2. How I tapao my Char Koay Tiao?
3. How I go shopping for cloths and shoes in Sungai Wang wor?
4. How I gonna bring my milo tin from Carefour?
5. How and Where I throw my sampah into?
6. How I wrap my fish from pasar?
7. How I ..

Omg... Our life is bonded with plastic bag so much, wakakaka.

But my friend, why don't try alternatives ler?
Now some hypermarket like Tesco ar, Jusco ar, are using bio-degradable
plastic bag. Still ok lar, at least it won't forever remain as rubbish.
But don't you think this is same like some vegetarian people?
They want to become vegetarian but go eat those food that have taste of meat or shape of meat. wakaka.. Ok lar, at least it is not a meat can liao lar.

Some alternative like taking a fancy fashion bag out when go shopping for grocery is a good idea actually. And when you just buy one or two things, and your both hand is able to carry them, you can always tell the cashier fella
"Excuse me, I don't need plastic bag." or
"Thanks, No plastic bag." or
"No bag." or
"..." (if your are too shy to speak, just take the thing out and carry in your hand, and go..)

I don't think they will force you to keep your thing in the plastic bag right? You help them save cost wor. keke.

So now, let's try to support this campaign see see.


  1. YUP, msia shud increase awareness in this issue now, in the Uk, either we will be charged for getting plastic bag, all other incentives given to customers when they recycle the used bag or using other enviromental friendly bag

  2. True, i just don't like plastic bag. But, the cashiers in supermarket love to sort our purchased items into many different plastic bags.

  3. Hehe, come let's put that "Say No to plastic bag!!!" badge in our blog. and practice the act. =)


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