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Singapore Entre-pass

Recently I read an article in SME magazine. And found an interesting thing, The Singapore Entrepreneur Pass.

This is an good chance for those who willing to start a business in Singapore.
The requirement is quite simple, and is open for foreign country people. And it allow the entrepreneur to bring along their family members (immediate relationship) to live in Singapore, and eligible to apply for permanent residence.

What it need is a very attracting business plan prepared, and some start-up capital.
The business type is not an ordinary one such as coffee shops, tuition center, foot massage, massage center, karaoke, money changer, newspaper shop, etc...

For those who have high interest, have good biz plan in mind, and have the initial capital, just go ahead for it =)
From SME, the business plan was suggested can be prepared with according section organized properly
1. Exec Summary
2. Biz concept
3. Product/Service
4. Marketing plan
5. Operation plan
6. Financial projection
7. Management team
8. Supporting documents.

Please visit the webpage for more detailed information. =)
Singapore Entre-Pass

p/s: for my friend who have capital and interest also can contact me to have further discussion on starting some business, keke. we may plan~~~~

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